Is genetic manipulation of food good?

Personally, I think that genetic manipulation of no matter what, by humans, is uneasy.
Because people, however scientific, simply cannot foresee the “undesirable side effects.”And then you have the Sch. international.
There is not “Broom, broom, be it !” nor Kirke, “If something falls out of the sleeve, you put it back in”.
No, in reality it’s different: If someone has built crap somewhere, it propagates worldwide, called the domino effect or butterfly effect.Is never to be stopped again.
We have been looking at genetically modified maize and soya for tens of years.The officially required protection distances of about thirty to fifty meters to “normal” crops are far from sufficient.
So genetically modified their pollen swelled by high winds so much over the whole planet that today almost no “natural” unmodified corn or soy can be found on Earth 🙁 .

Of course, nature changes the genes of plants and animals over tens of thousands of years.Adaptation… This is how we humans were born. That seems clear. Nature makes dozens of attempts, mutations, and very few of them survive. That’s just the way it is.

We humans have been doing these things for tens of thousands of years, simply by choosing what we sow.So that we get a better harvest. For example, the wheat (and thus our bread) was created. With totally mixed grass seeds you can only bake bad flatbreads… The selection of our ancestors to pick up this or that better grass for sowing next spring has made genetic selection.
This is also the case for our pets and breeding animals.

But now that artificially so much to intervene on the fast without knowing what comes out of it is pure madness.
Seeds that make plants that produce insect venom…
You can see where this leads:
About 80% of insects have died in the last ten or twenty years.
Even the bees.Without the bees, we humans will die within about three or four years, will be exterminated.
And then people wonder, oh what surprise, where may it come from (?), that there are fewer and fewer birds !

That is what I see here.The penultimate winter was still full of hustle and bustle around the house of birds, who were looking for food and water – and got it from us. All kinds of birds “stood in line” in the surrounding bushes and trees until they came to their turn. There was full life ! Hundreds. It was nice to see that.
Last winter there were far fewer.
This year there are almost no birds.Early February. Only two, three, occasionally. In the past, the birds made the outer round around the village at least twice a day, and in between came many other birds, which did not live like that, also from further up, from the forest. We are on a steep slope, above it is mixed forest.
There is something wrong with that?
Something seems to have gone totally wrong and badly, within very few years.What exactly Do I Don’t Know.
I just hope that this will happen again.
But after what I hear in news, scientifically and in the neighborhood, there is little or no good prospect.

Even perhaps “scientists”, about sixty qualifications (and trained bricklayer), just as practicing as best I can, warned already about forty-five years ago.Was rejected “You spin, you see ghosts!”.

Well, what does it help to have correctly predicted afterwards?nothing.

Some time ago I had oak planks, thick, good, old ones.Best wood. Ancient. About 4.6 to 5.8 centimetres thick, which I had squeezed together with tension ropes via spacers so that they do not deform. Noblest old wood.

This was what our old carpenter in the village had taught me at the time.I was a young boy. He made half-timbered houses, cupboards, marital beds, children’s cradles and coffins. He was also the gravedigger, shoveling the holes in the cemetery. And poured them back in. I learned a lot from him. Thank you!

I wanted to make my coffin out of my oak planks.
They told me not to do that,
I should order an officially recognized coffin from an officially recognized gravedigger.”Inquire, they also make cheaper, from coniferous wood ! But you must not do it yourself, in no case ! Strictly forbidden !”.
When I think that the wood of the forest of our community of heirs, over 80 or 120 years old Douglas fir, served mainly for noble coffins – but because of the wind breaks and restocking, money never came out, we always had to pay for it –
then I understood that even if dead, one still “may” bleach afterwards.
Nothing is wrong, except death – and it costs lives.
And costs, so “sideways”, a lot of money.What I don’t want to do to my underdogs.
I think i’ll be in the woods in my last days – if I’m going to finish it.I honestly doubt what.
A few years ago I lived alone, “old bear”, there it would not have been a difficulty.For mach, life was pretty much over, to the end.
But since then a woman has found me.Incredible, but true.
I’m not in love with her.
But I love them.
These are very different things.And we are very different, shouldn’t actually fit together, have experienced very different things, each in his own way – but just hard. Very hard.

I try to understand her as best I can (unfortunately little) and to be her what she needs.That’s a bit of a, and vice versa.
At night she cuddles up to me, and I snuggle up to her.The world is fine, so. We leave the world behind, far away. Should they do what they want.
We know who and what we are, both together.This is life.
Tomorrow the sun rises, a new do. to live.

Sorry, I cannot put it more precisely.
Maybe some people will think i’m profiting now.
Of course, i like what my dear wife gives me !
I enjoy and totally take what she gives me.Without inhibition. So I “profit”.
But I don’t think she would give me that if she wasn’t happy with me…
Somehow it’s weird:
I can only be happy when I see, feel that she is happy.

I cannot express this in words, I have no words for it.But I show it to her, and visibly understands and feels her 🙂 . And I them 🙂 . Thank you! So happy…

we “manipulate” our genes, every day, continuously,
body-own feromones, and we both worked hard, constantly.And that gives us joy.
We are both retired now.
things to achieve, even or even for other people.That’s multiple full-time jobs at the same time. Much more strenuous than still working back then. Where we are both quite severely disabled… But someone has to do something…
Things like food aids, emergency aids, organizing, …
you don’t need any more help – because you’ve already experienced and done quite a lot.
Others need our help, and you do as well as you can.
Sometimes you can, sometimes you can’t.

My dear wife reads in bed, that is her relaxation.That’s the way it is.
Now I stop here and go to her, under our duvet.

Do not understand or understand who wants or does not want to,
it’s just like that with us, and we think it’s a good thing.

Tomorrow is market day in the village,
since we buy local.
Hopefully not too much genetically modified.

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