Is fate predetermined?

Abdullah Ibn Mas’ud said: “A man is put in the womb of his mother for 40 days, and then a blood clot of thick blood becomes of it for a similar period of time and then a piece of flesh for a similar period.Then God sends an angel who is assigned to write four things for man. He writes the deeds of the new creature, his livelihood, the date of death and whether he will be blessed or miserable in religion. Then the soul is breathed into it. There are people among you who do things of the people of Paradise, but a single act makes them go to hell. And there are people among you who do things of the people of hell, but a single act makes them enter paradise. In this hadith it is said that some people will come to paradise and some will go to hell.

Some people will want to do deeds on earth that are worth coming to Paradise for, and God will create such deeds for this man, and as a result for them, they will enter Paradise.

Some people will want to do deeds on earth that are worth going to hell for, and God will create such deeds for this man, and as a result for this, they will go to hell.

In fact, a person can go to a place where sins begin.On its way. He can go to places where God’s name is mentioned. He is free to go to any place. He will reap what he sows.

Are a person’s hands tied when it has been decided in the womb that he will be a blessed or miserable person?If it is claimed that it is so, how is it compatible with divine justice that the person is tested and then given a reward or punishment?

First of all, the Almighty God is wise and righteous.It’s simple. He does not want to oppress his servant.

One meaning of fate is that God knows the life program of the beings he created with his foresighted knowledge.This means that everything from the moment a person emerges in the mother’s womb is recorded as destiny until the last breath she takes, and God knows it from the beginning.

God has given every person a clean nature, as a good person basically.Every human being has a tendency of good and evil. A person’s responsibility depends on what they are more inclined to do. God created a potential Abu Bakr and Abu Jahl in each person. This applies to every person except the prophets, for God is just. He does not want to oppress people.

Anyway, not every person can raise the tree of faith within him and some people let it wither.A person can have inclinations to evil and their soul and Satan harass them in a certain sense. Humans can be elevated to higher ranks than the angels or fall to the lowest level. The main reason why the universe was created and life goes as it is is to bring perfect people. One must resist bad tendencies of one’s soul and Satan in order to be elevated to high ranks. If it weren’t for, you’d be like angels, with a fixed rank. In fact, there are many angels with fixed ranks.

Destiny is a programme organized by science and will.Qada = Regulation is the name of the application phase of the program.

Qada is the manifestation of the power of God.Fate is a reflection of the knowledge of God. If you see it in this light, therefore, knowledge is.

Since fate is a program whose origin lies in knowledge, it has no effect on the obligatory actions of man.The following rule of science of knowledge of fate will express the problem even more clearly: “Knowledge is subject to what is known.” Let’s explain this with an example: The fact that we know when the sun rises and sets has no effect on the sunrise and sunset. The sun does not rise at these set times, because we know them, but on the contrary, we know that it rises and sets at the set times.

The nutritional value and deeds of a human being, and whether he will be blessed or miserable, refer to the point of fate.Indeed, God knows what happened, what is happening, and what will happen. In short: everything.

That God, through his foregoing knowledge, knows who will go to hell and who will come to paradise is a qualification of his divinity.The fact that he instructs an angel to write fate when the baby is in the womb does not change the quality, the knowledge, which has no pressure-giving power. In other words, there is no compulsion in relation to fate.

Man has qualities that are appropriate for deeds that will bring him to paradise or hell, with the partly free will given to him.All responsibility for this lies with him.

Fate has two aspects: it is against the will of man.These are such things as: coming to the world, father and mother, the time of death, etc. You are not responsible for them, because you cannot decide on them with your own will.

He is responsible for his actions, which he decides to do.Everyone decides for themselves whether they go to the mosque or to a pub. There is no compulsion to do so.

Every human being has given within him the essence of Islam when he is born.This means that every human being is endowed with a high ethics in nature and with a quality that enables the foundations of faith. However, if you change this quality with your own will and accept a faith that belongs to the people of hell and commits acts that are typical of the people of hell, he will definitely be responsible for it.

God did not make some people for hell.On the contrary, he created hell for a man. For example, when a state builds a prison, it builds it not to throw this or that man in it, but to throw in those people who deserve it. Similarly, God created hell. It does not fit with his wisdom and righteousness to say, “I have prepared hell for man,” because these people have the right to disagree if they don’t deserve hell.

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