Is fate? If so, do we still have a free will?

Free will is an absolute illusion, which is actually only supported by some ancient philosophies and religions, especially in the spirit ideology (ideology of the Holy Spirit).

In particular, a so-called free will is asserted by people who are largely ignorant or/and ignorant of the laws of nature that fundamentally determine us.

In real terms, no free will can be proved or recognized, since every decision is dictated by laws of nature, especially by those of logic and constants (physics ultimately only generates statements about constants, if one takes a closer look looks).

Consequently, any kind of action or situation is somewhat simplified described by the VORRUN events from which the further course is determined by natural laws of logic and physics.

A thought of a being within this universe can therefore only arise from the continuation of the previous situiation, a previous thought, through the expiry of the laws of nature, but not through free will, since a free will does not break the laws of nature. or can change.

The defenders of a free will, who assume that thought and thought are free from natural laws, simply overlook that not only the physical, visible, space of the objects around us, such as human stones, plants, air, machines, etc.defined by natural laws, but also by microspace, i.e. the area of the smallest objects, such as atoms, molecules, etc. , which are the neural cause of our thoughts and ideas.

Consequently, the old non-ideological realization of an existing fate has rightly arisen, since it is not man or another worldly being that determines the course of things, but what happens next is determined by the logical-physical The universe’s entire flow, but never by a decision of a single element (decider) of the universe.

Otherwise, natural laws would be variable or only valid locally, but this is excluded by the universally valid logical laws alone.

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