Is equality sufficient or should both sexes be treated in the same way?

“Is equality sufficient or should both sexes be treated in the same way?”

Equality will never exist.As a man, I would have the right to get pregnant. But what is the use of it? Accordingly, people of different sexes cannot be treated identically.

Women tend to be smaller and less muscular.In sporting competitions, treating them with men according to identical criteria would not be equal. You have to acknowledge reality somewhere.

There is a beautiful picture of what this describes:

Justice is something other than equality.

Justice is not that people are treated identically, but that they are measured by their abilities and supported in their weaknesses, so that they become similar and comparable in the overall structure. If you treat people identically, the short one cannot see anything, if you treat them fairly, you can see them all equally well.

It makes no sense to pay rich people identical child benefit.If you divide that up to the poor, you might only get 5 euros more for them, but they are more useful here than the fact that the abolition of child benefit for the rich is to be regarded as a loss.

Although people can be completely different, there are things where they are equivalent.There would be the right to live unscathed regardless of origin, skin color, gender, religion or past. Even a serial killer must not be killed. There is homosexual love, which should not be degraded in comparison to heterosexual love.

And since the whole thing is probably aimed at men and women, a woman must not be hindered from doing a “men’s job”, but also a man must not do a “women’s job”.But if they compete in the same area, then you have to be able to compare them. Women, for example, are quite successful in the technical and scientific fields. But the number of people who want to work in this area is lower than for men. That, too, must be accepted.

If a woman wants to be a manager and can do that, then she should do it.If a man wants to become a kindergarten teacher, he should be allowed to do so. Men are quite successful in social areas. But the number of people working in this area is lower than for women. That, too, must be accepted.

And if something doesn’t work, then justice doesn’t mean odds, but a competition to find the best for the job.In sport, you can separate in order to achieve meaningful competitions. When it comes to the best qualification in a project, qualification counts – not gender. I don’t see why men can’t clean too. But when I put together a lumberjack squad, I don’t need a quota for women. Nor have I ever heard of a quota of women for garbage collectors or sewer workers.

If so, because it does.A quota has nothing to do with justice. A quota is, on the one hand, an anti-symptom approach and, on the other hand, a gender-specific fast lane, which is far from fair. If a man’s qualifications are better, but a woman is favoured on the basis of a quota because she is a woman, then that is not equal.

Justice is also that women put their jobs in second place when children come and they prefer to stay with the children.This is a career obstacle for women. But it is also the desire of many women for the child to withdraw from the job. That, too, is a right.
And here, too, there is no need for quotas, but for justice.For example, by men who make their wives’ careers possible as housekeepers and fathers. Managers can also leave the job when children come.

This may seem unimaginable to us, but we no longer burn red-haired women.Doing so may seem unimaginable to us today, but times have changed. So why shouldn’t men in the future, within a partnership, also be a houseman and father and retire from the job in order to be there for the children?

What a couple or a cohabitation does must be allowed to decide for themselves regardless of gender.And they also have the right not to comply with any social norms, because it is precisely these norms that need to be overridden. The woman does not have to be a feminist in order to develop. She can also just be a housewife and mother, just like the man. It’s okay if they live a classic role model. Or another. Nobody has to make a career, maybe they just share a job. There is no matter how they distribute rights and obligations, how and where they develop their strengths and make up for their weaknesses. Each community stands for itself and distributes its boxes in such a way that everyone is as satisfied as possible, and for that they do not have to agree with society, let themselves be held accountable or accountable.

In the end, justice means a healthy balance of rights and tolerance, but also of duties not to harm other non-participants with their own way of life.

Simplified: should everyone have the right to be happy according to their own faon, provided that they do not harm anyone else with it, and everyone should tolerate the lives of others if they do not harm anyone.That would be fair, wouldn’t it?

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