Is diversity always better than simplicity?

I don’t really appreciate the either-orquestion scheme.It “forces” the respondent into a narrowed dualistic world view, which often serves an underlying ideology.

Is rose red better than snow white?They form a two-unit, a unit in the variety of colors and characters.

Spontaneously, the following quotation from the New Testament comes to mind for the above question.

“At that hour the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?”

Then he called a child, and put it in their midst, and said, Amen, I say to you, If you do not repent, and become like the children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.He who makes himself as small as this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”
Matthew 18, 1-4 (NT)

The classic recommendation “Become AGAIN HOW children” I interpret as follows:
The development path is based on the
a) unconscious simplicity into the
b) Diversity (complexity) into the
c) conscious simplicity – within diversity.

“Being in the world is not to be of the world” is a paradoxical formula for life.
There are no yes-no or pre-prepared answers to paradoxical questions.

Complexity (Overabundance of diversity) is one of the themes of our time.If you don’t understand something, you have a chance to understand it one day.

  • “We need to distinguish between the complexity of an intelligent system and the complexity of a result.

What people would like is that the things you do and the things you deal with are less complex. To make this less complex, I need to create a system that is able to reduce complexity in a model-forming way. And, jokingly, only networks can do that. This is why our brain is so incredibly powerful in reducing complexity, because it is itself a highly complex network.”
Video Answering questions about the results of the study “Value World Good Leadership” (Forum Good Leadership) by Prof.Dr. Peter Kruse (1955-2015) German Honorary Professor of General and Organizational Psychology, University of Bremen, Psychologist, Network Researcher on Complexity Processing in Intelligent Networks and Coherent Pattern Formation, Managing Director of Nextpractice, Management Consultant, Peter Kruse, Questions & Answers on the Future Staff, organized by Messe Zukunft Personal, September 18, 2013, YouTube Film, Minute 4:55, 24:46 minutes Duration, discontinued September 19, 2013

  • “There are always things that you didn’t expect.
  • This may make things seem complicated. In addition, complexity is increasing in all areas, even with supposedly simple everyday life. In other words, the demands on the individual are becoming higher, and this makes life a bit more complicated. However, one must not confuse complex and complicated. It’s not the complexity that createscomplexity, because you can easily get rid of complicatedities once you’re aware of them.”
    Interview with Harry Gatterer, Austrian Managing Director of Zukunftsinstitut è„°sterreich, “The world tends to complexity”, Part 1, presented by Audi magazine, Beate Kreuzer, issue 1, 2017

    Simplicity on the wrong side of the complex is dull and boring.Simplicity, which naturally gets to the point, is ingenious and practical.

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