Is dentures from abroad recommended? Is that safe?

Yes, dentures from abroad are recommended and safe if you know what to look out for when choosing the clinic and the doctor.

That health tourism and treatments abroad are risky and dangerous is a very persistent rumour.Of course, there are risks when you travel abroad for treatment, but these are risks that can be easily avoided and that are also present when treated at home.

Pay attention to accreditations

In other countries, quality standards may differ from ours. Therefore, an important point in a foreign treatment is that one pays attention to whether the clinic has an international accreditation (TÜV, ISO, JCI, etc.) or ideally also the highest possible national accreditation.

Choose the doctor carefully

Before the procedure, you should also inform yourself about the accreditations of the treating doctor and his respective subject area.For example, it may be useful to choose a doctor for dental prosthesis treatment who is referring to dentures or implantology. For some patients, it also plays a role that the doctor already has many years of experience.

It is also recommended to make sure that your doctor responds to you personally with concerns that are important to you, for example to indicate possible complications, discuss the upcoming procedure with you or be available for you if you have any questions.This helps to make him feel well taken care of and safe before you start treatment.

Patient reviews

When choosing the right clinic, it can help to look at the comments and reviews of other patients.They are a powerful indicator of how satisfied patients are with the facility and staff as a whole. This can help in assessing whether or not you can feel comfortable and well cared for in the clinic and with the treating doctor.

Now that the issue of security has been clarified, the question arises as to why the treatment should be allowed abroad.There are several good reasons for this:

Quality and expertise

In general, international treatments have the advantage that the doors to the most internationally capable specialists and specialists are open to you.

In the case of domestic treatment, the choice is usually limited, and depending on the type of procedure, there may be few or no available doctors in the country for the desired subject area.

However, if you look around the world for a doctor with a certain specialization, you have a free choice.You can specifically search for the leading doctors or surgeons for the desired subject area and thus have the possibility to select the doctor solely according to his expertise and the quality of his treatments.

Material and medical expenses

Abroad, the cost of the material, the laboratory and also the treatment costs by the doctor are often cheaper than in Germany.This does not mean that inferior material is used or that the doctors are not well trained and therefore receive less salary. The price differences are due, among other things, to lower living costs, so they do not say the least about quality. Many accredited clinics in our neighbouring countries source their material from German companies, for example.

More details about the cost differences and the materials used can also be found in our article Dental Implants: Info, Cost and Price Comparison.


Depending on the treatment and the place of residence, it may take longer to get an appointment and the procedure can be performed.This creates stress and displeasure in advance. This can often be avoided when treating abroad. This eliminates this waiting time and allows you to choose your desired date for treatment.

Holidays and relaxation

This is an additional bonus for a foreign treatment: you can combine the pleasant with the necessary.Instead of going home after the procedure, you can plan a short rest holiday in the treatment country. Relaxation in a stress-free environment then contributes to faster recovery.

Travelling abroad for dental prosthesis does not have to be more risky than treatment at home.The only thing that matters is that you get enough fun of the clinic and the doctor and choose an accredited reputable institution. It only becomes dangerous when, for example, in order to save costs, you accept the cheapest offer without further information.

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