Is Christianity a religion of peace?

Strangely enough, the opening credits here are longer than the actual answer.

Prep: I would like to say that more than 90% of the population will answer this question with ‘no’.You will have in mind the Crusades, the Inquisition, the worldwide forced Chrisianizations. They will more recently be the attacks of church educators, priests, … to protection officers. They will have in mind the richness of the Church, while people around the world are starving. I shall confine myself to these few examples.
Is it striking which name is almost exclusively before or behind all these events?: Pope as representative and responsible colonel his church, just the Catholic one.When and wherever there is talk of the Church, it is almost exclusively addressed to the Roman Catholic Church, as if there were no other. From the point of view, I would like to think that the relationship between evangelists and Catholics is likely to be relatively balanced; nevertheless, the Church is generally Catholic in the discussion.
But when the Church is equated with negative events, includingWars, how can Christianity stand for peace?

Correction: A look at the question: Is Christianity a religion?
If we take the question literally, then no.History speaks volumes of events of all kinds, at the account of the Church. But the reason for it all is neither church nor religion. The reason behind all this is God and His Son Jesus Christ. As Jesus is braised by John, a voice comes from heaven: “This is my beloved Son, to whom you shall listen.” What does the Church, the churchgoers, do? They listen to the Pope, the self-appointed representative of God on earth. They listen to Mary, to saints who have died for centuries, to know what not everything else, but not to Jesus. How then can one speak of Christianity? Far more appropriate would be the name: papacy or church. The Church today is for the most part a gathering of deceived people, led by people who themselves have no relationship with or with God, who pass on in empty churches what they once studied. But how can someone riff on chocolate who has his knowledge from books without ever having bitten into one himself?
Faith, being a Christian is independent of every church, of every other person.Being a Christian is not a rehearsed confession on the occasion of communion or confirmament, because there are gifts. Being christian is a personal relationship with God, a personal overwriting of my person, of my will to God, a personal acknowledgment of God as Lord of my life. There are no grandchildren of God, there are only children of God; the believing grandmother does not count.

Answer:If I have departed from the church’s claim, I am free to serve God’s claims.A glance at the New Testament says concretely what God expects of me – Christian:
鈥?Love your neighbour as yourself.(do not forget how you do)
鈥?If someone takes your coat, add the scarf to it
鈥?Let the children come to me and do not resist them (you don’t need to train children in weapons)
鈥?Go out into the world and make all men children of God.Aaber
鈥?If you don’t want to be heard in a house, clean the dust from your shoes and move on.(Incompatible with: And if you do not want to be my brother, I will smash your skull.)

Also, only a few statements, which indicate the direction of God’s will and ideally represent the lifeline of the real Christian.

Resumee: Being a Christian without God is man-made and subject to human attitude and as it is, the press teaches us daily.And, no, it’s not peaceful.
Being a Christian from God through Jesus (“No one comes to the Father, for through me”) is born to peace.He has no enemies but one, sin in its many forms. But he has learned a task from God to bring peace and love to his neighbor. If everyone wanted to do this, paradise on earth would be open again.

A brief statement on the question of when Christianity will die out, which I have found here several times.Clear answer: Never. “Where they are silent, the stones will speak.” Nor how the people of Israel will die out. It is and remains God’s people.

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