Is capitalism running out of work?

.. . That is probably the case! How different are the job creation measures of recent years, such as scrapping premium and energy transition? The scrapping premium was still manageable in its costs to the citizens. The situation is completely different with the energy transition, which will place a massive burden on every household and, in the final phase from 2050, will lead large parts of households into impoverishment!

Access to cheap energy is the key to a people’s prosperity.The EEG will achieve the opposite: an impoverishment of the people by a factor of 10. Always remember: the citizen pays for his own energy first. No one is thinking about, what no one knows and what no one will point out to the citizen: the citizens also pay for all the energy consumption of industry and commerce. The car companies, the supermarkets, the mail order sector: all of them are putting their energy costs on the back of prices. If the EEG raises prices, the baker must make his bread more expensive – it is as simple as that!

Why this decision by Merkel with the energy transition?I assume that she wanted to boost the economy. We had five million unemployed. A further scrapping premium for cars would have been nonsensical to some. So Merkel has probably commissioned studies on how to establish a variant of the scrapping premium on a large scale and for all future.

Now all we had to do is get the people to demand that they themselves, that they celebrate the destruction of our tried and tested electricity generation and that they are happy to build everything anew at a multiple of the old production costs.

I assume that the best advertising strategists in the Republic work for the government.They were helped by the tsunami accident in Fukushima. This gave rise to the demonisation of nuclear energy. Now only on government television ARD and ZDF one had to spread reports three times a day about the danger of nuclear power and already the people are taking to the streets and calling for the shutdown of nuclear power.

However, there is no safer energy production other than nuclear energy.The 51 deaths worldwide over the last 32 years are certainly not worth mentioning – certainly not when we see that we have had 40 million road deaths in the same period! Every bus accident has 51 deaths if it crashes into a ravine.

The rest of the popular acceptance for an energy transition has been achieved by linking to the lies of Al Gore with his supposedly human-induced climate change staged as an advertising gag and the founding of the IPCC, an organization with the sole aim of lying about Al Gore. to spread in the world!If this is repeated often enough in the media, the people also believe this nonsense! This meant that the shutdown of coal-fired power plants was also in the bag!

So now hundreds of thousands are dealing with the nonsense of the EEG and are producing inferior electricity for 600-800 billion euros so far, which experts in the e-plants say should be destroyed and which will cost us more than EUR 2500 billion by 2050.With a sensible, safe and clean technology, this would be achieved with 120 billion euros, including the construction of all plants for the generation of electricity throughout Germany. The plans for this are in the drawer: electricity for less than 0.1 cents per kWh when the plants are produced as standard.

The real increase in the price of electricity will come from 2050, when the EEG will take full effect.We still have a mixed calculation with our old plants – that’s 2050!

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