Is, by the advent of the Forum of democracy, the PVV on its return?

The Forum now receives all the attention that Wilders has received in the past.

The big disadvantage of the PVV is that it is a one-man party. The Forum is really called a political party.Wilders likes to step up against Muslim values, but politically he has been dismissed after he has withdrawn his tolerance to the first cabinet Rutte. He is not good at the VVD of course anyway. Several strong men in the PVV, who wanted to make the PVV a real party, have worked out. The weaker followers then remain.

The PVV is a real people’s party.The Forum also attracts higher educated persons. While Wilders appears to be a rancunous anti-islamite, Baudet seems to be an intellectual clown who tries to impress with bad Greek and misunderstood Latin. That too speaks. Both of them do not adhere to the parliamentary rules, but Wilders we know now and without his opponent youngster Pechtold he can no longer perform his comic songs so well. The age of Wilders is over, and without Wilders no party. It can only get worse.

Also Baudet, like Wilders, is not a real leader, like Pim Fortuyn, but in the Forum there are people who have the freedom to develop themselves.There seems to be a very closed structure. I read about no one, no interviews, nothing, but so they can develop at rest.

The Forum does not have just one topic like the PVV, but has a broader party program, in which everyone can find a bit.That’s why they speak to more people.

In addition, the Forum now gets the protest voices, so for the moment Baudet is in vogue.

Wilders is better able to do a theatre tour together with Pechtold.’ Es War Einmal So芒 鈧劉 and ‘ Alte comrades ‘.

Yes and no, but maybe more no than yes.

If you look at the different polls about 2016 and 2017 then you saw that the PVV was falling earlier than the FvD got virtual 2 seats.

That has been a virtual decline of SO鈩?N 11 seats, with only 2 added to the FvD.

Where did the other 9 remain?

The answer is many, I think a large part of it is not going to vote, and some may have switched to the CDA or the VVD.Another part has been wiped out because a number of voters on the left have showed up, mainly students who voted on Green Left.

What you can derive from here is really just one thing.Where the voter of these kinds of parties as PVV and FvD to do is, is namely executive. Problem for them is that in the Netherlands this means coalition formation and that means cooperation and not just in a movement unilaterally exercising power.

The difference between the people who did not vote in the end and who voted, is that the first seemed to realise that it is not feasible what they want.The reason in the poll that they have given virtual support is that they have realized this, but have not understood what it is. And the last group that did vote has not seen either one nor the other.

It is also true that both Rutte and the CDA have not seen that tolerance is not feasible.

Had these persons been acquainted with a piece of applied psychology and had not been ignorant, then they had not been as blind as a marmot and an infidel Thomas.

It simply sticks together, but apparently not so simple that evidently many people do not understand it in the Netherlands, both on the left and on the right.

Dear people on the far right, this is what you do not see:

Wilders-> Paranoid personality disorder-> often comorbidity with cluster B personality disorders such as narcissism or antisocial (the latter is already mentioned in 2005 by Nota bene Femke Halsema)-> Dark Triad -> Low score On a pleasant and low score on conscientiity-> not cooperate-> No coalition formation-> No Executive

Baudet-> Narcissistic personality disorder-> Dark Triad -> Low score on pleasant and low score on conscientiity-> not cooperating-> No coalition formation-> No Executive

And before you think that writer of this answer has nice talk, will be Green Left vote, no so, but this gentleman has been so clever to realize that Halsema has studied criminology.;)

That does not seem to me.The PVV is designed to appeal to the subclass. Hence Wilders, although ex-VVD芒 鈧劉 er, has opted for a left and social course. Forum is designed to pull people away from D66, CDA and VVD. A right-hand course is heard. That distinction will remain. The Battle of Baudet against the 芒 鈧?虄climate鈩?will not appeal to anyone either. So what do you do if you are for social policy, the climate is important and anti-Islam.

There is room for both parties.FvD is more alt-right and has an economically liberal program alongside a culture conservative program. The PVV focuses more on Islam and less on race. Furthermore, the PVV has a cover socio-economic policy. The PVV is also less obsessed with feminism, modern art and the like.

That seems to be the moment. But Wilders (and Bosma) are much more moderate.Baudet flirted with Le Pen Senior, visited manifestations of Flemish fascists, sought the politician Eppink, who represented particularly bad Belgian parties in the EP and for recently was a VVD member as a list tractor for the EP. So soon everything can go wrong with FvD.

According to the pollster Maurice de Hond, many former PVV voters have now opted for FVD, but they also attract voters of VVD, CDA and SP.

No, there remains a faithful PVV.Just like now with the PvdA. There are always people who appeals to a program.

That would be a brilliant advantage of the FvD.The only one.

That doesn’t have to be so.They are both extremists, but the PVV is (slightly) less right-wing extremist than the FvD.

The PVV has already proven that this party only wants to kick against shins, without wanting to cooperate with a solution.Like the SP, by the way. Both sides were large enough to reign, but they did not.

Whether the FvD does enter the national politics will still prove.Whether the party DSN will also be a serious interlocutor is also not yet known.

But whatever we may find of them, if enough people vote on a party, the party may be more able to do so if they so wish.If it does not do so, that party has to leave the electorate, who voted for it, in the cold and will in any case be less voted on.

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