Is bullying still a big problem in schools? So, how do you think we can remedy this?

Not quite in answer to the question, but like to say something about this.I have been bullied a lot. Totally wrong. AM also bullied. Also not good.

Bullying, harassing, is sadistic.It is to find joy in hurting others. Is not innocent. Also not as children do it. As commanders, such as parents and teachers, admit the eye, the behavior is encouraged and runs out on negative traits for both the bully and the Gepeste.

Children need guidance in growing up to a mental and emotional healthy maturity.That implies encouraging “good” behaviour and combating the “bad”.

Surely it will be possible to think here with attention, formulate guidelines and ensure compliance?

Bullying is of all time.Only now begins to penetrate the realization that it is not swept under the rug, but must be tackled. Fortunately, more and more children are also aware that bullying cannot. Various solutions are being tried out, with varying degrees of success. This can be because bullying is not just one cause and/or only one consequence. It may also be because bullying occurs in all layers of the population. And not just in schools.

We can try to understand, why bullies bully and others are bullied by them.But whether that brings us closer to a solution remains a great, unanswered, question. Understanding is a starting point, but not the end goal.

The fact that our society is hardening, becoming more selfish, and less likely to attract the fate of another, will certainly also play along.Like the school strikes for a better klinaat, something will have to happen, forcing bullies to stop bullying. Finding that ‘ something ‘ will unfortunately still cost the necessary time.

I fear that this is so common because of a mentality shift in the people.In the past if you were a child in criminal studies or punishment, etc, you always got home on your thunder.
Now the parents are often in the attack against the teacher, if necessary, to a legal case or in the worst cases: going to threaten the teacher or even fight.
The world has become an untamed place in which everyone thinks especially of themselves and his rights without ever thinking about the others or instead of putting themselves in the place of the other.
Brawling between parents in some competition for young children is an extreme example of this.


Bullying is something that I believe will always persist UNFORTUNATELY.The best thing we can do in my opinion is to be open about it. When we talk a lot about it, children who are bullied will say more quickly. Pesters themselves are going to do this less because they realise that it is really wrong.
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Hopefully you have had some!


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