Is breaking into someones house much worse than breaking into someones computer?

Much depends on the specific details.

What is stolen?Has violence been used?

“Breaking into someone’s computer” can have greater consequences for privacy and can also often be over longer periods of time and unnoticed.

Both are equally bad.

As soon as you infringe on someone’s privacy, it is very very disrespectful and it deserves an equally severe punishment.Regardless of whether it’s going to be someone’s home, computer or even a notebook.

I would say that both cases are equally reprehensible.Both cases have a big impact on a person’s private life. However, I have less understanding for hackers than for burglars. I’ll explain why.

In the media, people who break into homes are often depicted as the and pathetic people.It would be people from certain environments who do not possess other skills. For these people it is harder to build their own future. [1

Usually, burglars are between 13 and 25 years old.

They act both alone and in group, but never with more than three. Most of them come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Poverty stimulates the recruitment of ‘ young soldiers ‘.

On the other hand, Hackers and crackers are generally smarter people in my opinion.These people do have certain competencies and a rose-colored future perspective. However, they choose to break into a carefree computer. This shows that they obviously do not have a standard realization. That’s why I find that kind of lazy worse than people breaking into homes. I think that people should use their competences for something positive and not in anything negative.

I hope this has answered your question.Thank you for asking me this question C茅line D茅camps (Quora user).


[1 What is the profile of a burglar?-Verisure Blog

Very much, you stay with your paws of other people’s stuff!

Depends on it.I think both can be equally bad. People often feel impaired in their privacy in both cases.

For example, at an event organised by an association of entrepreneurs in Leeuwarden a few years ago I heard from a former television presenter, known for a garden and a DIY program, how it felt for her that there were nude pictures of Her were leaked because a neighbor had hacked into her computer.I think that many do not sit in the cold clothes.

Breaking up is technically ‘ providing access by force ‘.In a computer, there is actually ‘ stealth ‘.

I have walked into the house of a stranger, after which you suddenly understand that you are in an inhabited dwelling and that the other is not at home. So you used to have a regular Internet page, where you could just see the files, and I wondered if the owner knew that they were open and exposed on the server.

Take you out of a house slightly away, then it’s theft.When you pick up a file, you make a copy. The original file will just remain in existence. It does not feel like theft. It would only feel different if you are going to change everything in the computer of the other.

Someone in my phone has just erased a Whatapp history.Felt like theft. She could have also asked to erase it.

Many companies collect all sorts of information.IP address, location of telephone and internet activities. You can easily give your name, date of birth, address and email address. All very sensitive information. ‘ It will be ‘, I think, in the bulk of millions of people you do not fall. But in fact there is a lot of data about me in their computer. If someone would appeal to me on the street. “Where do you live, how are you called, when are you born?”, then I would feel more or less robbery. “What are you going to do that?” But on the internet I can easily give that data away, while also knowing a lot more about me.

If you follow someone on the street, to see where he lives and where he works, you can even be arrested for annoying tracking.But Facebook (why would you want to sit there) and Google (how you can do without) exactly the same and much more.


Breaking into someones home seems much worse, but breaking into someones computer is much worse.

Both are equally bad.There is in both cases possible damage and there are belongings stolen.

I think the perception is different, one is making more pressure about a physical intrusion as a digital burglary.A physical burglary often looks extremely impressive and you quickly get caught by what you see. Suppose the burglars have been looking for something specific is all game clear what the real damage is, that could well be with it. The emotional damage remains.

In the case of a digital burglary, there is often a scare less, until it becomes clear what you are missing or what is abused against you.It is more subtle but can be carried away for longer. Especially if you are later blackmailed with it. The emotional damage is slowly building up.

Physical safety is very obvious, an open door is now quite visible an open door.This is digitally very subtle. What is now the value of a bad password or a lack of backups and a two-factor authentication? That is much more difficult to estimate and we are as a rule only waking up late.

I think the difference is that when someone has hacked into your computer, you can still feel safe.

When someone has been in your home without permission, many people don’t feel comfortable or safe in their own home.

So I would definitely say that breaking into someone’s home is worse than in a computer, but purely because of the psychological effect.

Your home is where you live.Visually, such a thing hangs. You will always make the association, for example with the cabinets that were taken over.

Your computer is different, most don’t even know they’re infected.The security of computers and routers is easy to circumvent by professionals. Just because there are so many bugs in software and hardware. A bit like DRM, a new DRM is launched and hops the first crack is already a fact.

Look, I’ll call KNA for ten years in the wilderness, but the state of hardware and software is so sad that the only decision is that it does not interest anyone a crack.Consumers. Legislators. And producers need nothing to fear. So, keep it that way, if they copy everything from your network then you wouldn’t even notice it. So your house is worse, also because such a thing quite striking.

A comrade once had a burglar over the floor, the police even sent none of the lab for fingerprints.How cynical is that? A bit like we are simply not to indicate a bicycle theft. A few months later, he got his stolen phone back. The screen was a bit completely broken but you have at least your phone back. There’s always a golden edge, right?

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