Is Bill Gates really a benefactor for humanity?

Yes, and not so much because of his philanthropic work.Most have Gates weldone out of pure profit. He made the IBM computer accessible to the masses with his DOS and later with Windows. With this he has helped many hundreds of millions, and perhaps even billions, people from poverty to the middle class.

Gates is typically the egotist who has done a lot of good with his selfishness.He could stand next to John Galt and Howard Roark.

He will do pretty things with his foundation.However, there is a second story. Large companies like Microsoft employ very smart tax specialists. Those people are doing everything they can to keep the tax account low. It is in itself tricks that fall within the law, but many large companies hardly pay tax and everyone feels that this is not the intention. By that tax avoidance they withdraw money from the government and they are holding out the public sector. That is to say public services such as education, care, housing and a social safety net. It is one of the reasons why the rich are becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer.

That’s what Rutger Bregman had to do with his tax story in Davos.So against Bill Gates I would say: Bill will first teach your company to pay tidy taxes, just like everyone else. From what is left, you can take the philanthropist.

Yes, he has a large part of the honor of reducing tropical diseases.

His computer system is quite peaceful but I don’t believe so much that we would all use open standards without Windows.There is fixed a different monopolist coming instead of Microsoft. CCM/P and AVG then probably had the niche of DOS and Windows fulfilled, or else OS/2. That was just as peaceful.

So I don’t think Microsoft has done so much damage (or good) for the computer industry.

I have never noticed anything about it.

On the contrary.I still get worse every day on Windows, and have been doing that for about 30 years…….. It’s slowly getting better…… But still.

From what I read from him he has done a lot of good and he still does a lot of good.He uses much of his money in building benededness for Humanity for example in Africa. And even before in his work with Microsoft, he has created a lot for the benefit of a huge lot of people. A shining example, as far as I can see.

I myself don’t know for sure?It is the question that every man must ask himself. Is the technology trying to form or disassemble humanity? Technology is beautiful if you can do positive things with it. But as I see the social media world nowadays. People all the time with their heads opposite the phone. I mean it’s nice to sit on Facebook occasionally but if you get addicted to it then you can miss the other fun activities in your real life. As grateful for this beautiful life. Help your parents or socializing who have brought you up and who have given you a neat personality. I mean you should also be a bit practically busy in your life than just on your phone or laptop.

Look at the Gates Notes, then you have your answer.

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