Is a thought a form of electrical energy?

>>>Is a thought a form of electrical energy?<<<


Energy, e.g. electrical, is a form of subjective truth[taken, thought,information, concept, a property, a small part of the consciousness currently being caused in the brain as a whole.

A truth [taken is a delivered information and (thus) the end of every perception process.Therefore I call truth 1) for me, and 2) for each other for the purpose of clarifying “what I mean by truth” also with the symbol


Truth = Perception is the end of a process, so it is a mere effect.

And this includes everything, really EVERYTHING, that one cannot find in the cosmos = primary information SOURCE BEFORE / AFTER,

but only FROM/ABOUT the cosmos, ER-finds, by perceptual process!

The most diverse truths, i.e. truth-responsibility, they were or are manifested, proclaimed, symbolized on paper.The most important proclamation collections = Secondary information sources are:

Law Texts, Science Books, Sacred Scriptures

Through the permanent proclamation on the very patient paper, we are pretended, so to speak, that truths, i.e. truth-taken- things, must in some way be SELF-STAND parts of the cosmos.

“Proclamations” – they are a priori only that: claims!

What the Cosmos IS (FACTS) –

and what the cosmos has or hasER-gives – namely the truths – that’s why a lot of people can’t keep apart.

All truths can also be proclaimed as FEATURES in a slightly broader sense.My own preliminary listing of truths = consciousness = GEIST = Matter PROPERTIES = INFORMATION is:

  1. !!! all!!!!

sensations, feelings, values, problems, necessities, intentions, meaning

  • !!! all!!!
  • Parameters in the language of physics: mass, distance, area, space, time, speed, acceleration e.g. earth acceleration, force, pressure, power, energy,temperature

  • !!! all!!!
  • Axioms, natural constants and laws – the legislature, logic, morality, physics

  • all!!! KNOWN!!!
  • Gods, e.g. Lord YHWH, Lord J(DER)C, Lord Allah

    Any veteran physicist, where believes that “mass” and (which their A PRIORI equivalent) “energy” are a be-STANDpart of the cosmos, thinks property-RELIGIOUS.And when he proclaims that “mass can be converted into energy,” he effectively lies. This transformation takes place entirely on the patient paper, nowhere else. Everything THAT can transform is matter into other matter.

    TLDR?- the momentary caller of truth, was- and is the physical perception process in the brain.

    DISCLAIMER: I am neither a solipsist nor a Deepak Chopra clone.I only neatly separate in Wahrnehm-BARES = source of information = original thing, and or. versus Truth = Information = Effect

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