Is a life after death conceivable?

I would first define what you mean by “life”.If it is a life as it is now before death, so materially comprehensible, then it is a clear NO.

But if with LIFE, a kind of consciousness, perception, a BEING in reference to Descarte’s “Cogito ergo sum”, then: Why not?For me, there are a few facts in favour of this. Thirty years ago, I experienced what is now called a near-death experience. I am not happy with this term, because it always suggests that doctors who have signed a death certificate simply do not do their job well enough. But it is a different issue. In my case, I was officially declared dead for 3 hours. And I’m “awakened” again. The memory of this experience has remained very vivid (you don’t just forget something like that). For me, it was very short. I was suddenly over my body and could see the people who found me trying to resuscitate me. I saw a very bright and non-dazzling light and heard a wonderful music by Johann Sebastian Bach (one he certainly did not write on this earth, as I know everything from him by heart), but it was certainly his music. I just thought, “I want to go back,” and I woke up. The doctor at the time quickly repeated at least 100 times: “C’est pas possible!” (impossible), I have certainly confused his whole worldview.
I’ve been sure since then that it’s a way to be so.His gives after the death of the body. I don’t know exactly what it looks like. But there are also – in my opinion – some rational arguments for it:

“Rien ne se perd, rien ne se cr茅e, tout se transforme.” Lavoisier
“Nothing is completely new, nothing is lost, everything changes,” Lavoisier said.And he was right. What happens to our bodies when it dies? Depending on the type of burial, it is Westernized (provides food for many small beings in the earth), is converted into ashes (also a good fertilizer)…. What is the point against the fact that with this transformation, our consciousness is also somehow distributed? I mean, when worms and co. eat my body, they become my cells, my brain, etc. eat with you. So everything that made up the matter of my body. Now, if I have understood correctly, it is the electrons in our brain that are responsible for our memory, for example. What if a worm eats my electrons? Does he get my memories? I know it’s far-fetched. Just a thought, but why not? I cannot in any case say or deny it in the affirmative, it is simply a question.

There are also some experiments that have been made: e.g. weighing the body at the moment he dies.Each time it was measured that each body suddenly loses about 600 grams. Some claim it is the soul.

Physics seems more and more (from the outside) like a crazy mess, I would like to have more insight into it.But as a layman, and above all, someone with a lot of imagination, so to speak, when I look at science from the eyes of a poet, I think like: that we have a three-world system (Karl R. Popper):
“World 1, this is the physical world
World 2, the world of individual perception and consciousness
World 3, the world of spiritual and cultural content that can exist independently of individual consciousness, e.g. the contents of books, theories and ideas.” Source:…

The third world is of particular interest to me, because i had the impression all my life that I never had an idea myself, but that it was already there “in the air” and I had only “fished” it at the right moment.To me, the world seems like if all our thoughts were stored in a kind of “cloud” and we could access it at any time – with a little concentration”.

An experience in the education of my child also led me to ask many questions.As a child, I myself had the impression that the sun is setting and on, as the words sunrise and sunset describe it. When my child started talking, I was with him on a mountain at sunset. It looked on and told me quite naturally,” “how beautiful it is when the earth turns so that the sun gives the impression of going down” (sic!). Just one example of many, but of course it also opens questions such as: Where did it come from? How can it know? Is it possible that the generations already have a lot of knowledge in the mother’s body, or inherit it? Or is there really a kind of knowledge cloud of humanity on which anyone can access?

Many questions that have remained unanswered.I am rational enough to know that it is only facts for me, not scientific evidence. For me, it is simply questions that have not been answered, what many people are concerned about and that fascinate me, because I always try to expand my consciousness (in the sense of perceptual capacity).
It’s just my perception, my experience, that I pass on as an incentive to think.It is NOT a scientific proven theory. Only experienced. In a philosophical sense: my truth…

Have fun searching!

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