If you’ve ever moved to another country, how did you deal with integrating into a new culture?

I am American and have lived in the Netherlands for the last 26 years.When I first came to the Netherlands, I was immediately enrolled in a language course. I then sustained this for all 5 levels with a certificate for Dutch in language and writing. This should not take you literally, because I still make regular mistakes.
The most important thing for me is “to be able to communicate”!Once you can communicate with your environment, this has so much value. So, in my opinion, language is the most important thing! In addition, I have indeed learned from the Netherlands the term, “tolerance”. I come from the Midwest in America where this is much less to be addressed. But also for me it was a milestone when I had found a job (in Dutch). Because of this, you are again a part of the society in which you live, your network is extended by colleagues and then to me very important, I went into Dutch dreams. Then I really had the realization that I was more integrated than just “Expat”.
If I can give an opinion-learn the language of the country you live in.It shows respect but the most important thing is that you can communicate with other-integrating is a mindset!

Have lived in Pakistan for 6 years as a child.


All the time. That is something essential in integration, being able to communicate with the people.

  • Council 2: Get to know people.
  • Do not confine themselves to other expats from abroad but also locals (also helps to develop the language).

  • Council 3: Teach and ACCEPT the local culture WITH AS LITTLE PROTEST AS POSSIBLE.
  • Many countries have other visions of what is socially acceptable, good/bad, (un) polite… than the West. Even if it does not correspond to your opinions (they are homophobes, sexists, deep believers, they slaughter animals without anesthesia,…): You will fit your environment at least within the legal boundaries, if possible also on moral/social level. This is an error that many Westerners make, beware and resist the temptation to express criticism. In Pakistan you fly the bucket when you say you are atheist, for example. Freedom (also of expression) does not have the same meaning everywhere and is not equally obvious everywhere.

    Hopefully this helps.

    Prio Number 1 is the language, Prio number 2 is own income and Prio number 3-you learn to solve problems outside the community of your countrymen.

    Find something that inspires you, what makes you happy.Whether it’s the Nou Van Gogh Museum or Johan Cruijff Arena, doesn’t matter.

    Appreciate things that make your life easier.

    Are critical about things you find less.Critical, not hateful. Try to understand why it is so and no different. Give yourself your own opinion, even if it is critical, without feeling guilty.

    If it goes less, take a time out and seek professional help if necessary.Immigratiedip is normal and happens to almost everyone. You don’t need to be ashamed of it.

    I have to tell you all that I am habe inhabited on 4 continents now a US citizen.

    I was born in Indonesia during the Japanese occupation and my birth certificate was screened in four languages.It has the Japanese nomenclature on the deed, Malaysian, Dutch and Japanese text with Chinese era. A real document V/d government. I don’t know how this is coming -perhaps the officials have not yet been adapted with the Japanese bureaucracy.

    At my 20pcs age I moved [not emigrated to Germany because in Indonesia is a chaos-the regret Optanten, the military coup de cleansing but the most important no school.After my doctor desertation I emigrated to Suriname with the help of our family koneksies, but after the military coup there I emigrated to the USA and have been established here for more than 30 years.

    I come from a wel family and could also make it in Indonesia and learned from my parents to adapt.In Indonesia I had to learn Sundanese and Javanese in addition to Indonesian. I have learned from my Father Tav’s traditions and habits and class ranking. I learn to prune [jakkes, to eat from nature etc to be geaccepterd by the “Kampung” population.

    In Germany I learn the normal North German language [yes there is a difference with the Bavarian.And went with Germans and not with my countrymen. I am listed in their midst and was even invited into a student fighting group. I have been in the Catholic student group since Indonesia and therefore have no interest. In that time the Germans are not yet as open as now. In Germany I was invited to a French and German student meeting to discretise the EU future. This is an illustration of how I can adapt to the samenleviong. I also learn the real backgrounds of the German culture and the Deswegen decided to emigrate. The Netherlands was a possibility but the future is too much fixed from the fetus to 2 meters below. No chance to be anything.

    I emigrated to Suriname with their kosebandtjes [a vegetable species and got 100% assimileated in society.I can move between the Javanese people, the Chinese population [I also speak the language and the Creole and Hindustani population. I can use the lingua franca-Surinamese-well. With the Offspring V/d Farmers ethnic group-the Groningers is not bad either. I have been invited to the Lions Club-a service club A’la USA. Am also included in politics and was also accepted in my science. If I want I could also parpate in the government, but that’s not in my interest. Unfortunately there was a coup and murders have been committed. I was also a V/d persons under suspect and also included. Result even though a gioede future as I remain, but not for my children.

    I have moved to USA with great difficulty and have adapted myself to society in the US.I joined social clubs but not very active. I had to adapt to the fast work changes in the US and therefore got a good job in AMD [competent of Intel Maw I got it relatively well. I do not want to be in politics because in Indonesia and Suriname I almost cost my life.

    Of course, you all want to know how I did it in terms of social activities and connections.My advice. If you come into a newer country, you must be the first to properly power the language, observe the habits and culture of the inhabitants. Find an anchor person and a group that you think you can bring into society. Look forward to individuals of interest in society -be allied with the individuals and the rest comes from themselves. Once you are appointed to be accountable-you are already included and you are assimilated. From here you can choose how far you want to go. If people start asking you for help with the Instan ties with society then you are already very important. Your children will enjoy your investments and will be classified 100% as a local person.

    I am only now less than a year in the Nerlandse Quora but I participate in the English, Dutch, German and Indonesian media and write in their language.Of course there are grammatic and spelling mistakes because my thoughts move in different languages but the readers understand me and that is the most important thing. I can’t help because typing in the different languages is difficult enough.

    I have lived in the Netherlands, Botswana, Saint Lucia, Zambia, America and England.What I have learned above all is to not judge. Do not judge other habits, cultural differences and small everyday differences. These are often shaped by history, religion and legislation over the centuries and you will only really understand it and have a good judgement about it if you have a good understanding of it. They can be funny, weird, annoying or odd, but don’t judge, or at least not against wild strangers from the country where you live. So go with flow, adapt and use your common sense.

    Dive into it, there’s no better tip than that.You are in a new place, you have the freedom to fully set your life to your own liking. What did you want to do, where you didn’t have time in the Netherlands? Now is the time to start. In many countries, there are initiatives such as MeetUp, an easier way to get to know both premises, travellers or expats. In addition, floor in sports, music and food as far as the place you sit is recommended. You will find like-minded persons who want to share the experience.

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