If your best friend tells you that he/she is homosexual, would you still keep friends with him/her? Whether he/she already has a relationship at that time?


If a person I have a click with, tells me what I should have noticed, if I was a really good friend?And then? Of course a friend remains a friend and a girlfriend. I have no sexual relationship with him/her anyway? That is his/her own choice and life. I have homogenial friends and girlfriends. They also do not look at me that I am straight… I think;)

I think here is a question that you do not dare to ask.

‘ If your friend tells you that he/she is homosexual. Are they attacking me? ‘

No.And keep on thinking with that.

I am a lesbian.And also have lesbian/homosexuals/pansexuals/bisexuals friends. We are not dating each other. Enjoy that fact.

You can be really very good friends with someone who is homosexual, you are of the same sex.So please keep up with that kind of idiotic things to think about.

And yes there is a situation where lesbians fall on heterosexuals women.But that also happens in heterosexual men who fall on lesbians! (Which are generally super annoying because they push through ‘ no I make you straight. ‘ Seriously. Do not.)

The possibility of your best friend/friend for you falls romantically, is not so very big.Otherwise, it is already. heterosexual or homosexual. That chance is there. As everyone slowly become more opener to their self and their sexuality; So there is also more to come. And yes, that can be in the midst of a heterosexual relationship.

Do know that sexuality can always change.You can also be heterosexual and Biromantisch. Etc.

It’s all okay.

But thinking that your best friend at once falls for you because their sexuality is ‘ altered ‘ is complete nonsense and slightly homophobic.Because you do not understand it and rather think it is about yourself. In that moment it is about the other. The other who so well dared to tell you. So be careful with it, and don’t ruineer it with ‘ You like me? ‘ that person is familiar to you in that moment.

About the relationship area, I myself experienced this.

I found myself romantically not attracted to my friend at the time.And that’s okay. That’s why you first tell a friend to discuss it so you know for sure the good choice; And then you tell it to your relationship partner.

Friends are there to discuss something like that, to support you.

It is also okay if that person is in a heterosexual relationship while they get this revelation.That’s all okay. For hey, they have had the revelation anyway? That is important enough.

(Grace & Frankie look can also help.)

Nice day.

I would say we are pulling a bottle of champagne open!It seems to me a very difficult time. I myself have two mothers so I am already accustomed to a lot of crap (which you can get over you). And I would certainly support my friend, because unfortunately this is still needed today.

If he or she would be in a relationship, tja das a nasty thing, but not insoluble.

What’s wrong about homosexuality?In a first place, I would be very honoured that this person confessional to me. I believe that this is a sign of trust.
Now I try to live in the next situation.Suppose my own wife would confess that. I would accept that without problem and even understand why they weigh it. But it would hurt to know that it would lead to the inevitable marital breakup. Because the current relationship cannot be sustained if you do not want to deny her her freedom.
As far as the last question is concerned, I need more interpretation.What relationship do we have? The heterosexual relationship or the homosexual relationship that is going on? If she/he already has a homosexual relationship, I don’t see the problem. If it has a heterosexual relationship that clearly does not fit with the orientation, then the partners must become mutually dependent.

Remember that your best friend is still the same person as before you knew he or she is homosexual. It is not that it is now suddenly a very new person. You have to see it if you can now get to know a new part of that person.That which can be more self in your side. Which is of course very beautiful. You want your best friend to be with you.

If you wonder if that person likes you.Probably not. And if it were so, you just have to talk about it. There is nothing wrong with that. Communicating is a very end.

To this question I once a friendship ended.

Incidentally, it was not my best size, but just a measure.I asked him the question; If I were gay, would you still deal with me?

And the answer was a rock hard, without flashing: No.

Since then no longer spoken.We were 14/15 and discovering sexuality is then quite a thing. So I totally took into account that I could be bi-sexual or gay-sexual. I mainly tended to Bi-sexual because I could/could appreciate a beautiful man. By now I know that sexuality is not fixed in terms, but is part of a spectrum. My preference is ‘ just ‘ to women.

My size was severely reformed, but I had the higher estimate.The dislike in his face at that time made me so inapplicable that I am running away. “Ok Doei”.

I believe that everyone has the right to disagree with homosexuality.That’s really fine. Opinions may differ, even within groups of friends. It was only a dealbreaker for me at that time. Now probably still.

Does not matter


Never let anyone fall for his sexual preferences!

I will only always escape gay bars myself.

That I would have one in my circle.I don’t need a whole posse with homos. That seems to me nothing.

Versus lesbian?

Yeah those just stay feminine.Themselves.

A gay man is just as gay?

A gay guy like bro?

That’s just gold!

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