If you were to get a time machine, what was the first thing you would do?

First I would be very scared.Do I want to do this?

Then I would like to look in the future to play in the Lotto.

Then I would read the instructions carefully and delve into the paradoxes of time travel.Can you go back again? Do you change reality? Can you come across yourself?

(You can see what the outcome of the lottery is, but do not change the future and the outcome is different?I mean, there is also a certain winner, if you then go to play, then you would suddenly be the winner and the future is different, but why wouldn’t the outcome of the lottery change in that other future, so you don’t win?)

Maybe it’s more convenient to sell the time machine.I actually need money.

Or even better, the time machine rental.’ Travel agency The Future ‘ the people step in and no longer come back. Only people I should not be allowed to leave.

Joh, what are the rules?

As in. Hermione and the time-tracker rules?Do not come against yourself, what happened persists?

Because anyway I’m going back to sleep.A lot of sleep.

This is a suspicious situation.Yet?
Get?from whom? Someone gives me a time machine… who?
That mad professor from Back to the future?
Or 3 men in a black suit who just put their Ford in front Of the door?

How big is this time machine?
A ring?A casket? A wardrobe to sit in?

Why did I just got this machine?
Where does IE run?Does the energy go up? Can I use M more often?

You see 芒 鈧劉 t, the first thing I would do is ask a lot of questions.

I would immediately board and return in time!And then back to my childhood. Again a little while wonderfully naive, innocent and brash and under mothers ‘ wings. D脙 隆 脙 隆 R I would have what to do about it, to sit at Paps and mAMS at home at the table again.

They sometimes say, if I had done everything in advance… then I would indeed do a lot of things differently.I went to my parents a lot more often, even though I went to the regular. Now that I know what it’s like to have them no more, that’s something I’d want to go back for a while.

I would like to take back the knowledge I have now and make more transparent choices.My mistake from then on was that I instaped too impulsively and too gullible everywhere.

Beyond that, I would go back to the here and now and occasionally to travel the future in order to see how the world will look.Then back to the here and now and the things that go wrong in the future for humanity are trying to stop in time.

I think I would use the time machine very egotist.To make my own life better. I would try to help people who have lost by illness, by in advance they tell it. I would make sure that a particular person would never see daylight again.
\Xa0would also make sure that if I come back in my new timeline I was rich so that I could live if I wanted to.
\Xa0but on the other hand I can use the time machine to go the time.I can see how Reagan was almost shot. Resignation of the Queen Juliana. In the corner while cabinet-Den Uyl stood on the Bordes. Possibilities are eindeloos芒 鈧?娄

I would go back to the last class of elementary school.There was a girl in the classroom that I was hopelessly in love with. I would like to see if she was really as beautiful as the picture of her in my head.

Maybe not because what if she was really z o handsome?

To adapt life and stay alive from 14芒 鈧?”16 years:P. The techniques I learned and gained insight, and with which I have been working, are still helping me:P to this day. I hear from some people you don’t need it?But apparently they work both indoors and outdoors during the winter and people wonder where I get it but they still use:P techniques. Especially younger colleagues than those stoefen. But in the end they are doing my techniques anyway.

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