If You want Linux to be so simple, why does everything seem easier on Windows?

This is now purely subjective, but I can’t help the experience that everything seems easier on Windows, but I experience it the other way around.

I used only Linux for a long time, then wg. Lightroom (Adobe) for 1-2 years in parallel Back Windows.On my computers I had to run as Dual Boot Windows and Linux Mint. Why Mint? Because everything is running, from time to time an upgrade (while I continue to use the system!) started the next version. Updates via GUI or something more difficult about Aptitude. I never had and have stress with Mint. never. incredible. I use 2-3 ppa repositories for flatschfresh darktable, gimp etc. … otherwise, the whole administration is just a charm. With Windows, I had to reinstall from time to time. Suddenly things didn’t go. Searching for a solution is currently time-consuming. Linux is now so widespread that I always find solutions to complex topics that I can understand and understand!

Two years ago, I was so concerned that I quit Adobe and used only Linux again.For simplicity, mint. I could also use other distributions like Arch or similar, but as an end-user-oriented distro, Mint is top for me, because I have to waste zero time with any crap, because once again something doesn’t work. Scan… runs, print, … Runs. Graphics card… Runs. Integration of the smartphone … Runs… And so on.

I use my computers in addition to the classic Office & Internet User’s 90% for image editing.And since m.E.n. meanwhile darktable clearly Lightroom or similar has passed the rank. For what I would do in Photoshop, Gimp is enough (which is probably as powerful as Photoshop, but I can’t judge that in a final way).

It becomes really interesting because the Linux knowledge can be transferred to other UNIXes in sections.After a long “dry phase”, I am currently increasingly working with OpenBSD and FreeBSD for the server and network area. There is a high similarity to Linux systems (I know the BSD purists will be screaming now). And I now trust an OpenBSD-based router based on a PCEngine HW to be more than a joke. device from the media market, where all devices come with the same key and vulnerabilities. I don’t need that at a time when you have all your personal data incl. Family photos and videos all on the computer has – despite backup. And yes, I want to run from the outside.

As a nice side effect, I also save plenty of coal, as I don’t have an MS office etc.must license.

By the way, please, in return, ask you to show you how your own subjective experience makes Windows seem easier.I’m not ideologically driven – but for myself, I’m just the other way around.

PS: One factor could be that I don’t play games on the PC.Or anywhere else 😉

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