If you had to choose, would you rather love or be loved? Why?

Love it anyway.

It is good to love as much as one can, for therein is the true strength, and whosoever loves it much, and who is able to do much, and what is done in love, that is done well.(Vincent van Gogh)

Loving is the best motivation to do it right, to be good for the others.Beloved I don’t really miss.

Impossible Choice:-)

No, wait, love and be loved without each other, that looks more like what you give unselfishly or get at times when one or the other cannot (more).

End of a life, major accidents, birth,…

All in all scenarios where I do not choose, that does life for you:-)

Without a doubt I choose to love another.

There is nothing more beautiful than experiencing tender feelings for another.It gives me a blissful feeling. Your heart pounding as hard as it is going to jump out of your chest and your head that moves between the clouds.

Yes, there is definitely a downside.The chance that the other you don’t like him or her is real and hugely hurtful. But nevertheless everything, give me passion, passion and desire for another.

I think I’d rather love it, that’s something I can do, something actiefs.Something I carry out and gives more satisfaction. There is a certain degree of being loved, but that is less important, which I leave to come over me.

Be loved.Even if there is a risk. Bob explains it for me:

Love.If you love someone yourself, you will also get back.

If you are loved, there can also be motives behind it, where the ones you love are what you loved.

I assume this is about partners?

The best of course is both love and fall in love.But that’s something rare.

I thought to have found it, but that turned out to be lies.So no good experience.

I have also been in the situation where I was loved.And I felt very good about that. I assume that you still love that person, even though there is no great infatuation. Certainly no feeling or experience that is not worth it. The years flew by. And afterwards I had to stay with that love. It was happy years

If I am the only one who is in love, and the man is not in love, then there is no relationship.I do not want to enter into that.

Prefer to love.
If you are only loved, but do not love yourself, you will eventually become hard, ruthless, an exploiter, an abuser, and an ever greater emptiness grows in your soul.

Hermann Hesse has written a beautiful fairytale about it, about a boy, Augustus, whose mother, during pregnancy, wished a magician that everyone would love her child.

That desire turns out to be a curse for August (after a life full of indifference and hardness), and he returns to the sorcerer and finally comes to the understanding that he wants to be unloved, but that he wants the strength to love himself.

August (1913)-The Fairy Tales of Hermann Hesse-Hermann Hesse-rutlib5.com-袙邪褕邪 写芯屑邪褕薪褟褟 斜懈斜谢懈芯褌械泻邪

I don’t see how it can exist one without the other.

Only to love without being loved?Seems to give me a very unsatisfactory life in the end.

Only to be loved, without loving?How long do people keep it full to keep from someone who doesn’t give back love? Sooner or later, you still get the people of you.

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