If you found a bag for your door with 160,000 euros in it with a note: ‘ Thank you for helping me all these years, this is for you. ‘ What would you do?

In several ways I find this an interesting question.The first thing that comes to my mind is: “Can you just get €160,000?”

In this context, it is not so much about “do I deserve this” or “Do I know someone who can miss this”, but will tell what father says about it?

Our surprise was great last winter when we could deposit up to €3,000 cash on an account during a benefit.This is apparently a new measure in Belgium to combat black money. So I assume in the rest of my answer that you cannot do official things with this find.

Before I have a wonderful daydream, this is another: why 160,000?If you think of large sums of money, you can think of 1,000-5,000-10,000-100,000 etc, but whence 160? What a beautiful illogical animal is man anyway:-)

Good, a bedtime story.I hear vociferously at the door and find €160,000. No hair on my head that thinks of who or to whom I deserve it. Stay calm, breathe and think carefully what this means right now.

OK, the first euphoria is gone and there comes the terrible reality phrase that characterizes me so.160k is not a mega big sum, so life-long interest is not included. But to an average wage of 2k These 80 months are not working, 80 months/12 = 6 3/4 years without taking into account indexation. Hmmm, the real value is already less in my eyes.

What can you buy for 160k?A small renew cottage seems to me to be a possibility but I am not a handyplayer. A piece of building land where my 2 children can build or resell later? I think we have a winner.

Pity anyway, how terrible practically someone can be.

Am I the only one that would inform the police about the 100,000;) Which I had found for my door?

I would just be happy with it and think ‘ so, that is nicely taken, thanks generous giver ‘.

At the very most, let us check for authenticity.:)

With the money itself I would spend a little (not too much), further what for maintenance, sharing with family and friends, investing, investing and keeping behind the hand.Nothing special.

It’s too little to throw over the bar, but enough to get involved.

Hmmm If there is no bag for my door tomorrow, I am a bit disappointed I fear…

I have not helped anyone ‘ all these years ‘ without me having experienced much love and friendship from them.So I would first ask for who can be that money (we have a communal garden path to the front door with the neighbors) and I also live with my partner.

But suppose my name was above it.Then I would wonder who the sender could be. The people I have helped over longer periods of time are none of them rich. That was probably also the reason I helped them. It was mostly about labor disputes where a good lawyer could have reached at least as much as I did, so if someone could pay I would have advised that. In practice, it was linked to a trade union with limited support on the basis of legal expenses insurance and/or legal counsel.

But suppose again: I would know that one of the people for whom I have been able to mean something, had won 1.6 million in a lottery.Then there would be a certain indication and logic in that amount. I would then ask the person if it had actually come from him/her and propose to see if it can be used so that the person will benefit from it. Less than one and a half million is not yet dramatically large, with the way our tax system is in place. So I would first propose to involve the whole amount, including the 160,000 euros, in this respect.

I don’t need 160,000 euros at all.I do know what I could do for fun, but that would not change the way I live. My Belgian cottage would be slightly better maintained maybe a renovation and the roof would be repaired, and I would finally be able to add that one fountain pen to my collection which I am still wrong. Nothing dramatic. I think the giver would benefit more from it.

First, find a way so that I don’t have to declare the tax authorities.

Unfortunately, I consider the probability that this would actually happen to me very small, but that was not the question.

It is abundantly clear that this is about black money, an average construction worker deserves black, but not that kind of amounts, and not at all to give away.So there is a high probability that it is about criminal money.

I would therefore not do anything with the money at first.Imagine that it was for someone else, and it will be on my doorstep 2 days later to pick up his money.

If after a few weeks/a month nobody had been with me for the money, I would assume that the money is for me. Our society is not really designed to pay large sums in cash.So I think I would use the money for small bills, a little meal, a terrace suits or small purchases. Then I can spend a decent time singing it with that money.

I would quickly pick it up and keep the money for important things, like my driving license, a COLLEGE education and courses.In addition, I would go on holiday and that does not have to be an expensive holiday, because I prefer to keep as much as possible. I would also buy a nice restored Volkswagen Beetle as soon as I would have taken my driving licence.

I would have no idea who would come from and that would not give me a butt.I would be grateful for the mistake he or she made!

I would report it to the police, and put it on the couch…… Until someone reported after a year.Was It meant for me?

Just enjoy the money and invest partially.

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