If you could organize a church service, both in terms of content and form, how would you present it?

Either not, or I would focus on Deuteronomy and everything that you need to do according to that book or what it forbids.Especially for anyone harassing others with homophobia, misogyny and anti-choice.

And then end with Jesus who says that those who are sin free may cast the first stone (I paraphrase).

Yeah, that’s hard huh, with your clothes with 2 + fabrics, crustaceans eating and your unwillingness to stoning your naughty teenager.

“,” I am not faithful and go only to the church at funerals.There may soon be a time when I will be involved in organising a church service for loved ones who are faithful. I hope that the experts will not give me any more worries at that time how such a church service should be organized…

“,” You’re asking this to the wrong person.I have nothing with faith in a God (or multiple gods) to declare the matters around us that we do not yet understand. I still have much less to do with organized religion (churches). Everyone must be able to do and leave what they want, without the need to impose or harm their will.

Does this mean that I do not have a moral reference framework?No, you can very well lead a morally driven life without faith in a God. In fact, when I look back at my life in America, I see that faith is previously abused to hide behind while the moral framework seems to be totally lacking.

Haha, and that you ask an atheist?Love.

It becomes a very short “sermon”:

“Now is always now, past and future his thoughts, they don’t really exist, and now you have to read this once, then remember and live forever:
Ecclesiastes 9:10 “

“And now everyone is out!Be free and loving and feel the sun! “

… And then we are building the church into a community house for all, where everything is allowed, except physical violence and proselitisation, and where we worship the joy, and our efforts to bring about it-real joy-that is-not pretending.Be free to feel everything you feel.

Given my fathers deep-seated anti-clericalism, I had never visited a Catholic church when I started a year early at the first grade.
Why does a herter, a pagan, send his son to a Catholic school?For the same reasons as why the teaching staff of what was then called ‘ State education ‘, sent their own children there as well.

I still vividly remember the first mass that I was attending compulsory in school.I didn’t think of it. The intricous d茅cor and atmosphere, the strange smell of incense, the sermon of a man in a dress that I did not understand. Strangely, my classmates didn’t look at it, they knew when to stand up, to sit down, to mummel incomprehensible sentences, to sing songs.

When I asked questions after the service, neither my classmates nor the teacher could help me.
“Master, What is” confessing “?
“Well, it’s a little bit early.” Thou shalt confess until he shall return… Very bizarre.I searched it again recently.

I have also deepened myself to understand the liturgy.I think that the Catholics made a jar of it. What bowed me was the clearer Protestantism, their biblical strength, the minimalism. No week passed or I tuned the TV to the stories of Henk Buitendijk. What he said cut wood.

Protestants said on which it stood, in a language without the vague, barely to contain Catholic terminology.They weren’t too loured to answer questions. They beat nails with heads. I never attended a Protestant service, but I did not like it on TV. Without the stories of Buitendijk, I had never visited the sacred places in Israel or had never understood the faith of positive scientists.

What is very clear is that religion in the Protestant Netherlands plays a role not to be underestimated in community life.
The Catholic Church is the largest real estate owner in Belgium.They have the means, the space to allow renewal, to act more actively, to tackle their calving role in the community. Now they limit themselves too much to the management of one of Belgium’s largest companies. They are our most powerful pillar, dominate education, politics, the care sector (hospitals, retirement homes, health insurance,..), beer brewing monasteries are led by highly skilled technocratic paters, in my city they possess more than half of the City centre.

That may be, but it is sad to establish that they leave young believers in the cold more and more.It has come to the extent that many join the Catholic youth Movement to ensure an appropriate job.

I know that I did not answer your question.However, I know that the lessons of religion were replaced by unaccompanied moments of reflection. Exactly the profession that needs guidance desperately.

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