If you could decide what the future of television would be, what would you want?

I hardly ever watch television.The image is determined solely by others. I think I would look more if there would be a possibility of creative participation. Maybe something like Quora does that.

With Quora, by reading the questions and answers, by asking yourself questions and answering questions myself, I am, with others, creatively involved in the formation of the image.

That, with the formation of social contacts, I find fascinating.I can add some of myself to the image and not just have the thoughts of others to have that image determined.

It would be important that my contributions would not only consist of choosing existing images, but that somehow there is an opportunity to influence or create these images in my own way, according to my insights.

The future is for the youth, and I fully support that.It seems that TV as we knew it will be slowly but surely replaced by an interactive system. What I would like is that one would separate information from the commercial info. Hair products with scientific claims (a study has developed… but is not scientifically representative for not subject to contradictible research, the use of scientific terms), politicians who have their (commercial) Sending a message in the short term and their conviction (ecology seems to be a religion where e.g. nuclear energy really cannot, without discussion while at least it deserves attention in the current context)… also all kinds of pseudo-science and Alternative Facts Trust the image. I am very nice to find a program such as a test service of values in which information is put in a playful way.

To sum up: I would like to have a cleaner non-commercial media landscape with clear separation which is info (with criticism and discussion) and a deviant side that obviously goes for influence (I find this little bit fantastic, this bar of chocolate is so tasty…) .

Many people would answer here; 芒 鈧?艗like YouTube, enjoy watching everything when you want! 芒 鈧?but I don’t find anything.Television is television, not YouTube, and that must remain so. Because if you could look at everything when you want, what about live shows like for example 芒 鈧?虄I Know many 芒 鈧劉? And if you could upload your own content just like on YouTube, is it still TV? And does the content remain fun to watch?

So there are a lot of drawbacks to it.But with the current television, nothing beats everything. So half of the programs 芒 鈧劉 s is not a good quality, and everyone thinks 芒 鈧?艙better well swiped than bad bedacht芒 鈧?

In short, my future for television would be as it is now, but that viewers, by means of voices or their Ideas, will have more choice in what they want to see on television.And of course that each program is unique.

Advertising free and on smart TV apps from shops you can compose your own advertising interest because every person is different!!

If it would lie to me it goes towards the cassette tape video Tapje walkman ect.Tv is so stupid and on intelligent the programs are boring it’s all slack and copy one from other Meuk.

The advertising blocks are bull annoying.Thunder It all on the internet but with good content. Make it something like Twitch that you can deliver your own content if it’s interesting or more interactive programs.

Video killed the radio star.The internet will eventually make the TV the tie. I give the TV another two 3 generations. Once no more money can be earned through advertisements and people start to realise that it is a brainwash tool buy this meuk look after this think this ladidada is going to quit a lot of things.

Unfortunately, the majority of people are still prone to stupid things and they really do reality TV to feel better so thank goodness I am not this stumper.

People don’t understand that where they pay attention to they get more of people don’t understand that where they spend money on they get more of people as collectively have more power than they realize but by that the collective is a mess and we’re still too busy doing it n with each other for privileges more money bigger house crunter woman more power ect it will remain a the on this planet for the time being.

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