If you could change your profession for a manual job, what would you like to do?

Making beautiful things with my own hands is an idea that has always attracted me.When our children had just been born, I conceived the plan to manufacture wooden toys for them. Beyond a plan It has never come, but the idea remains attractive. That is why I answer this question: furniture maker or maker of wooden marionettes, blocks of boxes and houses.

It is that I am rather awkward, but otherwise I had become a carpenter.

If I had to work with my hands, I will become a gardener. [1 I like working in the garden and working with plants.I do not mind that your hands get dirty from Earth.

An older man who has to bend over to his [2

One drawback of this job is that you have to bend a lot, this is not good for your back.

You might be able to work a lot with long stems and other tools to make your work easier.

But for the rest it is very nice.You are outdoors and you enjoy plants and nature.

Thank you for asking me this question C茅line D茅camps Quora user).


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[2 Gardener-Wikipedia

Medicine is already a pretty practical profession, but if I didn’t have the learning level it could probably be electricians or welder.Technology has always drawn me, certainly electricity and the preparation and construction of cables seems to me fine work to do. Welding is just a cool skill that is handy for many different professions.

In addition, I am such a person who sees this:

And then needs to do this:

And this is also cool:

I tend to be exactly as possible, rather than fast, and in these professions that is more of an advantage than a disadvantage.

I have always dreamed of going to live and work in another country.

The Jobin filling is initially not important.

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