If tuition fees are 2000 euros, why do people complain about too high a study debt? (I hear figures from 20-70K)

Because tuition fees are not the only costs.All books and tools cost the first few years easily 1000 + euro, in addition it is used to live in the university cities. This is often inevitable and now costs 400 + euros per month.

In addition, for many who have still received performance scholarship, this is still a loan until you have graduated.This often doubled the borrowed amount which is indicated on DUO.

Because in addition to the costs of tuition, you also have to cover all other costs and livelihoods.

For most studies you can find out which basic literature you need, where you can order it and what it costs.Snag, however, are the essential products “in addition” that range from writing to microscope, lab coats and cutting sets. For example, for rights students essential: a laws bundle, and that you usually buy every year again (because is updated annually). That costs about 鈧?0,-which is not such a heavy burden. But for medicine students, for example, this is different.

Check: Study Material-University of Amsterdam to give you an idea.On this site they are talking about additional study costs (so in addition to books) of 鈧?00 per year excluding foreign travel.

My costs for textbooks and syllabi (law) were about 鈧?50,-in my first year.But it’s been a long time since I graduated and so am no longer so sure. I copied an awful lot at the time.

That said, although there are always enough computers and libraries available, every student really wants to have their own study materials and tools.

Student room and travel expenses are the following cost items that are deeply chopping on a budget and along with cost livelihoods are further the biggest spending items.

If you were to place a student on a level of assistance and (rounded) would live from 鈧?,000,-per month then you would need 鈧?2,000,-annually and a four year study would cost you 鈧?8,000,-.

With the tuition fee from there you have only 鈧?0,000,-to live annually.A student room at 鈧?500/MOS is already snoops 鈧?,000,-from there. The compulsory health insurance of 鈧?,200,-per year is already firmly in a hurry.

Conclusion: There is often a need for money and this means knocking at mom or dad, a side job or even more borrowing.But within the above-simple calculation example, it is not surprising to assume that you start a career with a study debt of 20 -70k.

Because the 2000 euro is usually only for the training itself, there are no other costs such as laptops, books, brushes, knives (chefs training), licences and other items.In the first year this can quickly reach amounts of 2000 euros. Licenses are renewed every year this can also rise high. Also, there are young people who do not finish training within 10 years, this means they have to pay back their students ov and study funding. And if you want to continue studying you have to pay so much money again.

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