If there is a righteous God, why is this world not just?

One does not automatically require the other.Either you want a just world or you want a free will.

Justice does not necessarily require a society.God is absolutely just and he is not a human being. It does not exist in any society as we know it.

There is no justice on this earth.It must therefore be clear that there must be compensation elsewhere.

And there will be.On the last day, justice will be restored.

How can justice be achieved here on earth?This may be feasible in some cases, but in many cases it is not. Many will never come to their right on earth. And God is not unjust.

Let’s take a look at some examples:

Can a person who is paraplegic and cannot hope for improvement through surgery achieve justice on this earth?no. She feels, of course, disadvantaged, finds it unfair that she cannot be like healthy people. But if this person was grateful despite everything and patient and god has not forgotten or rejected, in the hereafter will be rewarded with paradise.

One man kills another man for low motives.What would be the just punishment for him? Compensation would be: life for life. This could be compensated for on earth.

A man kills a group of 20 youths.A maximum sentence would be 20 times life-threatening. He can sit down a maximum of about once. Is this justice? Not in that sense, because even with the death penalty, he can only give his life once. And the remaining 19? You couldn’t pick it up 20 times. But God can punish him 20 times. And kill 20 times.

Or a man kills the father, who had to feed 15 children.If justice were done, the murderer would also be killed. no. Only for the life of the other man, but the children who would then have to starve, would have nothing of this punishment. They would not get justice as a result. But God can compensate them.

What would be a just world?Would that really be desirable? I maintain that no one would want them.

What are you thinking about?Children in Africa. It would be just if they could get as much to eat and the same offer as there is here. That would be fair.

People here say it’s unfair here.Here it is always so cold, in Africa it is nicely warm and people don’t get sunburn through their other skin. But now they say: yes, but you have nice mild weather in Europe. Not too cold, not too hot. So the whole world gets 20 degrees all year round. Everyone would get the same skin color. Then it would be fair, wouldn’t it? Then every person has to get the same size. If even one was 5cm taller, that would be unfair to the rest. They would say: but they get better at the top of the cupboard. And then the women arrive that it is unfair that they have to have the children, men should be able to have babies, at the latest now the men will object: Oh, is not such an unjust world.

Do you understand?In a just world, all humans would look exactly and they would behave like robots that were connected to each other.

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