If the news mentions that a Dutchman has misbehaving herself abroad, does that do anything with you?

I would think; The Dutch are also people.The behavior of a human being is not necessarily determined by its origins? Or does it?

I think that we should not be quick to judge the behaviour of anyone anywhere.In addition, a judgement also depends on the deed. Misbehaving abroad is very common.

People across all regions of the world can exhibit an inappropriate behavior that is also a shame not only for his own country but for humanity.But this is happening constantly throughout the world.

I hope I have not taken your question out of context.What it does to me depends on the deed.

Substitute shame, as if you were with someone at a party that is wrong.

Not much, but depends on the severity

I do not feel responsible for the behaviour of others, nor do I have the illusion that my reaction affects the perception of those who have made a judgement about the “misbearer” (A cultural difference in value judgments regarding Misbehaving is not strange.Think of the tourist with a short trousers that visits a sacred place).

It is common to feel substitute shame from identity thinking.In This question you appoint “Dutchman” but this is replaceable by football fan of Club X, lover of music Group X, supporter of Faith X, member of political party X, etc. Identity thinking can be made into the mourn to always be combinations; A PSV fan has beaten a fellow Catholic from the opposition party at the Slayer concert. This is an infinite game. Media is eager to use indignation to generate attention. Once you recognize the strategy, it becomes worthless.

Because of our direct way of responding, boiteness, we misbehave frequently in other countries.That is the way we are. Criminal behaviour of a Dutchman abroad makes me Nix, which is a personal choice of that man and therefore it must be punished according to the laws of that country. You are a guest in another country so you have to behave too.

Like previously described by someone else; I also do not always agree with the concept of ‘ substitute shame ‘ ‘-although I know very well what it feels like.Well, I never really have that feeling with Dutch people abroad or at all often..

Not so much substitute shame but a different feeling:

I am in my childhood and later some times pretty hard and sometimes also seriously beaten up by ‘ ‘ Street Boys/Rigs ‘ ‘.There is a lot to tell about self-defense, cause and difference of content WBT the equation; But where I had-for myself strangely-a lot of trouble with it but also found very interesting:

The group of boys from the Netherlands who had been so scandalous in a Prague waiter.You hear and read more about fighting parties and violence, why this case specifically attracted me/attracts me I do not know.

I write ‘ ‘ Trouble ‘ ‘ because for me the messages are a feeling of being reared, frustration, ‘ ‘ fear ‘ ‘ called.Maybe not so in place and especially a little useless if you don’t just use it to reflect on yourself, but interesting.

The association here or the issue in itself has little to nothing to do with the Dutch nationality.

Research on Dutch 芒 鈧劉 Oberschoppers芒 鈧劉 Rounded

芒 鈧?虄Without first hit of Prague waiter Mirek there was no brawl Geweest芒 鈧劉

Waiter who was mistreated in Prague: ‘ Much support from the Netherlands ‘

Actually, I largely agree with Elizabeth… anyway I feel a slight, vicarious Shammy… why nou芒 鈧?娄?Where is that well for nodig芒 鈧?娄? Often it happens that misbehaving is under the influence of alcohol. Especially with friends, the possibility is great for overbravery. Usually if someone is alone, that person will not soon misbehave. 脙 “F It must be someone with a personality disorder.


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