If the light wave is made of photons, what is the gravitational wave?

An ordinary electromagnetic wave, in the sense of the sparkling world of mobile phones, is a wave in a medium of countless superimposed photons that is made to vibrate.And those photons have a spherical electromagnetic volume that, as an overlaid total, represent the medium of our universe, which we also call the EM field

The photon is not a vibrating wave, but a static spatial deformation, which we can only detect electromagnetically as a sine curve.

The photon is only a basic component of this level mentioned electromagnetic quantity distribution.It is a photon that has curved its known three dimensions into the 4th dimension in order to indicate its presence in space and this expresses itself as gravity, all distances are shortened towards the center with 1/r2, so it is shortened from the outside to the inside less. The curved portions of the room, on the other hand, become detectable as a field that grows from the inside out. Therefore, no one understands the dualism of the photon.

This is not a wave in the classical sense, it does not vibrate, but the shape is measured serially and therefore you get a wrong image if you do not measure it in parallel.

It is the curvature of space, which I only understand when I divide the space into two planes.And only in this way, I can understand it, because the space is concretely four-dimensional. Therefore, I divide the room into two levels 3D/4D. Where the 3D plane is the one where the three place coordinates are curved into the 4th dimension and I simply consider everything from the 3D plane as a horizontal axis and draw it basically black. On the other hand, I consider the 4D plane as a vertical axis and draw it basically red. It now carries the curved portions of the 3D tracks, which I have sunk into the 4th dimension. This is not the usual 4th dimension of Einstein’s time dimension. No, the time dimension in the bonitistic coordinate system is only an index coordinate with an exclusively chrono-directional character, whereas here the 4th dimension always has a spatial character, the direction of which then determines the outside and the inside.

The curvature is related to a longitudinal deformation on a center, which spreads transversely on the 4D plane, which I then call amplitude as a measure of curvature.

Now this small image is a tiny photon and shows that every thing always marks its surrounding space by compressing that space or compressing that space.

longitudinal deforms with 1/r2 to the center shortens all routes. That spatial deformation of the environment then has a gravitational effect on the movement of other things on the 3D plane, but at the same time the 4D plane has a complementary effect, which we understand as electromagnetic.

So nothing has been added, but it is the same, only now the effect is rotated by 90掳, because every dimension is arranged orthogonally.This is also the reason for the longitudinal or transversal direction of effects.

So the two fields are now in the same place, but in different levels.Similarly, a chair stands on the same horizontal coordinates as another chair, which could be one floor higher. This means two new properties for the photon, i.e. both the gravitative and the electromagnetic effect.

What then is the gravitational wave made of?

A gravitational wave thus indicates a low frequency longitudinal change and is very easy to detect compared to other dormant static levels.

And an electromagnetic wave is transversal wave with strong amplitude changes. Both waves are ultimately electro-magnetic waves, because the electromagnetic is only the complement of gravity.

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