If someone calls themselves ‘ not really a reader ‘, what books would you recommend him?

Neil Gaiman & Several artists – The Sandman Comics.Really an absurd beautiful work of art.

It’s about Morpheus, the personification of dream.He is one of the seven ‘ Eindelozen ‘ together with fate, death, longing, despair, Delirium and devastation. They are immortal entities that deal with people, but also outside time and humanity.

If that sounds a bit vague, that’s it too.It is an interesting way to look at humanity from the perspective of an outsider. There is an overarching story, but there are also loose stories to it.

One goes for example about Morpheus and William Shakespeare, who makes a deal with dream to give him inspiration, in return he will write two pieces for him.One of them is A Midsummer night’s Dream, and the real Titania and Oberon (Queen and King of the Fairy Empire, and also characters in the piece) come to watch the performance.Here they talk to Morpheus:

The black text boxes are from Morpheus, and he, as the embodiment of dream, says here something that comes back again and again in the comics: things don’t really have to have happened to be true.

Stories are our legacy, not reality.

In the same story, he also shows a certain form of repentance, as Shakespeare did not know what he gave up when he made the deal.He lost himself in his pieces, was less present in his own life and his family because he was busy writing. Morpheus talks about this with Titania:

I would not only recommend these comics because they are drawn stories, and thus perhaps more accessible to someone who does not read.

It is also a commentary on why we have stories, which is the added value of books and fairy tales and dreams. I came out with a deeper appreciation for our imagination. The comics really make you think.

It also refers to other stories, as above to Shakespeare’s pieces.Because I enjoyed this story, I also started looking up those other books, legends, characters, because I wanted to know more about it. So I think it might also be an interest in other literature.

Images come from the third collection of stories: the Sandman-Dream Country, specifically number 19 ‘ A Midsummer Night’s Dream. ‘

Neil Gaiman is now known for a lot of books, but I still find this his best work.

Comic books

The book on the Heineken kidnapping of Peter R. de Vries.Generations of footballers, boys who never read, have given up that as the only book they have ever read. That must therefore be extremely accessible.

Something simply written, short and positive, about a subject that interests him/her.A small pocket for example, or even a comic strip.

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