If psychopaths have a brain disorder, why do they go to jail for crimes?

I still wonder. This will be a philosophical answer where possible to change what can be changed on closer inspection.

Primary psychopaths are born with what we call a severe personality disorder .You can not teach them to take responsibility for their actions. You can’t teach them to control their impulsiveness, nor can you teach them how to feel regret or empathy. It is now about criminal primary psychopopaths, non-criminal psychopaths are often exceptionally well socialized in their childhood (which is the work of a rare, unwise favorable environment with a socialized neighborhood/friends/network and very Talented or skilled educators in their youth). Is a person a criminal psychopath?Then that is the cause of genetics and possibly the environment. Can they do what they are? No.

It is as if jeâ € ¦ a lion who naturally has his brain on â € ̃prey of Genâ €™, stops in a cage.Other than the lion of course, psychopaths know that they commit deeds that are not accepted by most of humanity, but what they do is their reality, instinct and Nature.For them, it is not wrong, but normal, without thinking about it or without it what they care about (because that is exactly what is missingin the brain: taking responsibility for own actions, empathy, certain emotions and inhibition).How can you put someone in charge who does not even know what responsibility means and that concept is not known?

If you would not feel anything for another and also could not understand what another in God’s name feels like, and you are impulsive in nature too, how can you lead a life like the rest of the world?You cannot do that, because you are a lion in search of prey and profit.

If you were to miss that piece in your brain that would not care about you, you would have the same behavior.

Can they do anything about it?Actually not. â € ̃Yes but, they make the choice to do it! â €™ Yes but, in their eyes, that choice is not wrong. â € ̃Yes but, they know that there is punishment on it! â €™ Well, then risking punishment, because you have a brain that is wired to take risk â €™ s, be impulsive, seek tension and feel no regret.Just go fight against your own natural brain wiring.

Imagine being born as a neurotypical (â € ̃normaalâ €™) person in a society where crying and empathy are forbidden.In your world that’s normal, so you just have to say it once and you show some empathy, because that’s what your instinct tells you. Oops! In jail. Damn! Well, you’ve just done what is normal for you. And who are those others to tell you that your perception is not right, that you are defective and that what you have done is wrong?In your brain, empathy is the norm, which is still dead normal! But it does not care, because this is who you are. You simply can not change. It is almost as if you were telling a lion (if that could be) that hunting deer is wrong. Are you going to ever get that out of him? No. Why not? It sits through and through in the brain, it is his nature. How can you tell someone that he is only doing something, while he doesn’t have a clue about what that weird concept is? It’s just one word: bad. That is the language of another planet for the psychopath.

I tell you now that a cup of coffee drinking is forbidden !

Not-so-impulsive-psychopath: â € ̃â €™ a cup of coffee?There is even one on the kitchen sink. What a nonsense. Nobody finds out if I drink a cup of coffee. Why do most people find it so bad? What a cup of coffee. I understand that something is happening in their brains which is not fun or so, but I know a lot what that is. Then they get vlievla or so. How should that feel? * Drinks Coffee * Mmm, yummy. â €™ â €™

Impulsive Psychopath: * tackles cup of coffee without thinking and drinking * It may not care afterwards, because what is it like to drink a cup of coffee?(same as the previous, but then unable to control itself)

Now this is not a perfect example, because if you know that punishment is on it, you just don’t have to do it and then you don’t get a jail sentence.But that is often not so easy for psychopaths because of tremendous seduction pressure and impulsiveness.

You can’t grow brain area pieces on it with a psychopath, that’s just not there.

What the prison is about… there is simply no other option for a dangerous psychopath.Prisons where there are heavily criminal psychopaths are also heavily secured, and in many cases it is really necessary to ensure the safety of society. You could argue that there should be special establishments for psychopaths, more humane establishments where they will be less bored, for example (or put them down on another liveable planet, or create a psychopaths paradise for them, a kind Society with their own rules where they can no longer benefit from the safety of society * is in a dent *). A bloodthirsty, zebra-torn lion in a cage is also a little lullig, he can’t do anything about being a lion?

If you put it this way, you will run into a problem, because in this way you can approve the behaviour of everyone on earth, because ultimately there is a reason behind, whatever someone does.So, in fact, no one deserves a prison sentence, because many people who enter the prison might not accidentally think about what they were doing or have a personality that makes them more inclined to act â € ̃traffic™.

In the end, everyone is innocent and just human.I don’t know anymore. Can anyone help Philoeren with it? lol

â € ̃â €™ you may go to the psychopaths Paradise. â €™ â €™

â € ̃â €™ Ok.Better than jail. At least I can rape a woman without her mind. I mean, not that I am very vindâ € ¦ but given your brain wiring I understand this step.Psychopaths do not suffer from trauma and anxiety. â €™ â €™


A psychopath still knows what he/she is doing.Despite the lack of a strong conscience, a psychopath rationally knows that he commits a crime.

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