If Pluto is no longer a planet, what is it?

Hi, my name is Pluto.Your solar system is very lonely, I have to say. The only hope I have to find company is with you people who live on my brother earth. I have watched you since your creation and it seems that not many of you know me, which makes me bad. Really bad. So let me tell you something about me. And where is a better place than here on Quora?

In simple terms, I’m just a big chunk of stone, including the cold (it’s called ice).

That’s all I am. A chunk of rock is in your solar system, billions of miles away from you. Boy, can you even see me? Bet you can’t do it.

Like everyone else, I have no memory of my birth.

But I’m so far from my mother, the sun. Although I love my mother and turn around her to show her, like all my brothers and sisters, I never get the warmth she gives to the other children. It’s really very cold here. And lonely.

Sometimes I irritate my brother Neptune for some attention by crossing his path of revolution around our mother.

Neptune is very angry with me. He doesn’t care if I exist or not. No one seems to. Even your race has ignored me for a long time. There were only 8 planets, as you call them, initially considered part of the solar system. Unfair!!

Playing with Neptune has led to something good: one of you noticed that Neptune had an influence from a foreign body (that’s me!: D). He couldn’t find me, even though he knew where to look.

It was later that a man named Clyde Tombaugh, who came to my attention at the time in 1930. I was very happy!! I was also named after one of your gods. I was eventually called a planet.

You people are curious, aren’t you?You noticed me, well. But you didn’t have to push yourself around me. Everything went well until you found out that there were other objects around me. Some of them were even bigger than me. My recognition would soon be lost. Your curiosity has killed my dreams! It has made you reconsider what a planet really means. You weren’t sure at all!! Worse, you cooked something called a dwarf planet and called me that. Insulted me and threw me out of my own family.

It’s fine.At least I have 5 followers. Charon, the biggest and closest, is my overly committed friend. She thinks we’re in the same state and she’s constantly trying to take control of me. It is also one of the reasons why I am no longer called a planet! Our relationship is called a binary dwarf planet system. I am not interested in this relationship, but I remain with her for eternity.

The remaining 4 are silent and revolve around me.

They give me too much attention! Talk about over-mounted satellites! (I have to say that these followers are really boring and I rarely talk to them. I feel lonely without proper company.)

But I have hope.I have had hope since you sent out your probe nine years ago. At last I see that it is up to me. And if it’s close enough, I’ll tell you everything you want to know about me, the things that are better said in person. I was waiting for this moment. It has finally come. I will not let this opportunity go away.

Although I am billions of miles away from you, I know the plagiarism is wrong.

All pictures of me that you see here are marked with modification for reuse. Enough said!

I will also contact you about this person (apparently Sahaj Ramachandran).I currently have control of it and will continue to do so as long as the new Horizon probe is within my range.

Yours sincerely,

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