If people are natural omnivores, why do we get sick of eating raw meat?

There are plenty of smul papes that eat raw meat, see tartar or carpaccio (yes please!).In Japan You can even expect raw chicken on the menu. The latter underlines what we are dealing with: in Japan the chicken is bred in a different way than we are accustomed to in the west. The probability of E. Coli, Salmonella, etc. is low, while for “our” chickens that are bred massively is almost a given that the chicken is contaminated. On the other hand beef is safer to eat raw.

In other words, the demands of the current society regarding food consumption, production and preservation introduce a risk that our ancestors did not know.Eating a prey shortly after it has been killed is a concept we no longer know, we are accustomed to keep our flesh for longer periods before we eat it. The longer meat “stays lying”, the more likely bacteria are getting.

Since man has decided to cook food (and that is very, very far back in time) there is also biologically no need to be able to process raw meat (for example, many animals have enzymes that break down the meat in the stomach before the pathogens Get a chance).If we had the same quality ever, it has now “evolved” because it is a rudimentary trait. The “weaker genes” were given a chance of survival: if an individual does not die from an infection, it can pass on his/her “weak” genes. In the same period (since the advent of cooking), new pathogens have also been introduced, where we have never been able to build up immunity.

Incidentally, animals are not immune, they too can get sick from rotten meat or suffer from parasites.

Your theorem is not correct.We are not getting sick of eating raw meat. Of unhealthy bacteria. Nowadays there are rarely enough bacteria to get sick of it, and by far most bacteria are very healthy.

We are omnivores but have also had the fire for a while (100,000 years) to make it more digestible and above all externally sterile.There we are evolutionarily adapted, spoiled as it were. Eating a raw bunny from a few days old is no longer a good idea.

What Quora user writes, and I still want to add: We still eat raw meat occasionally.For example Carpaccio, Filet Americain, oxen sausage, etc.

We do not automatically get sick of raw meat, but we have adapted ourselves to the expansion of our diet with the Taming of fire.This applies to both meat products and tuber vegetables. Try to eat a bunch of raw carrots. You are busy for hours!

For the sake of HRT danger of contamination: E Coli, Salmonella

We are no longer living in nature where the chain of consumption was much shorter than in our modern society.

Definitely chicken.Beef is less dangerous

I eat a lot of raw fish, also meat and have never been sick of it.And I’m almost 70 years.

It may be that our natural protection against bacteria is gone or much less good, because of use medecation, etc.Then our bodies no longer need to work so hard to repel bacteria.

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