If light is massless, what prevents it from having an infinite speed?

The massless is not relevant for the speed, because there is only this one singular velocity of light and all other velocities are only directions acting counter to the direction of movement, the sum of which can then only be less than Speed of light, which you ultimately understand as a mass.

Mathematically unneeded, this points to an apparent infinity, but nature is quantified and limits things, so that we can finally exist and are not infinitely fast and small still not finished with the BEING, instead of finally HIS.The problem lies only in the lack of understanding of the constant mechanism of the speed of light.

The constant mechanism of the speed of light is a simple circular function.And that fundamental principle of this function is a pure mathematical geometric description, the obvious context that everything that exists is determined by this function – any size and ratio. And I say explicitly circular function, instead of angular function or trigonometric function, so that more is derived from the circle than from the triangle of the Pythagorean, which is already hidden in the orthogonal arrangement of our geometry.

For the uniqueness in geometry is described by the Pythagoras, which hides the connections of the circular function in a 3’er relationship, wherein it is not the formula E=mc2, but the Planck’s E=hf.

The speed of light, however, as a numerical value, is completely irrelevant, without any relevance, for it is the relationship of all existing things to each other that determines this greatness.

That is why there is the ubiquitous connection of all things in this universe. Basically, you ask about the principle of Theory Of Everything (TOE).

So the speed of light cannot be arbitrarily greater or smaller, because the speed of light is two things namely time and space and that is already the whole, so all we have.And both things are actually only a spatial connection, i.e. a single route length that extends over two dimensions or. curves what we understand as a circle. In connection with the known three dimensions, it is thus the famous curvature of space into the 4th dimension. And so curved space and time is connected as a constant route, which we summarize as two routes and call the speed of light.

How do I combine time and space into a single spatial route?
The problem with capturing the correlations is that the size we understand as time-length or duration is actually, in reality, a total spatial stretch that has been shaped by our mind of such a kind as we understand time.Hence a quote from my blog:

When you see the Big Bang as radiation in the sky tent, you see the original point source at every point in your sphere of vision, i.e. from the inside.

And if you were at the bang now, you would only be able to look at it from the outside. Is this the fault of the temporal or spatial distance?

This shows that you don’t understand enough about time, because time is just a spatial curvature that your mind shapes appropriately without you having to understand it.

So the connection exists between inside and outside (read more) orit consists of two levels, one for 3D and one for 4D. And the curvature thus ultimately forms a circle in the 4D plane, while at the 3D plane the loss of this curved length is marked with the known gravitational properties. In the process, an image is associated, which leads the classical description of time dilation ad absurdum and one imagines the whole as a bridge over the swamp of the occult notion of time.The bridge is the gravitational 3D route and the valley is the completely different circle, which follows the image of the bridge. Thus the bridge (the space) becomes shorter and the valley (time) longer and vice versa.

This circle is then the object of our contemplation and the actual complete movement is not fully perceived because our mind separates things.

The motion follows a circular function along a curved path, which also passes through the 4D plane, which shows no effects on the 3D plane and is only perceived as an uncurved one-dimensional distance through the topologically deformed space, where many Curvatures can be easilybridged.

Note, however, on this temporal representation of a complete movement process, the point in the center of the horizontal line, where the outgoing and rising curvature are located.

You then only recognize the point of the center position on the horizontal temporal X-axis in the present and never grasp the point of the Y-position, because that of the 3D position is obscured, because the 4th dimension is also arranged 90° orthogonally, like all other dimensions. In particular, the realization now comes that the X-axis cannot be the time-axis, if the Y-axis should be the curvature axis, which in the model of Einstein’s space-time should have caused the time. Therefore, I simply imagine a real spatial 4th dimension as a substitute.

With the following animation, I now illustrate that the entire process of a motion is regulated by a circular motion, which means that the horizontal contraction is related to vertical expansion and vice versa.So the red 4D plane is the vertical electromagnetic amplitude, and the black 3D plane is the horizontal distance.

As for the rotating circle and you may not yet know all possible perspectives, curves and curvatures of such differential geometry, follow this link.

The constant mechanism of the speed of light is thus a circle, which becomes larger or smaller depending on the size and thus adapts to the necessary conditions, which determines the speed of light.

But it is also the oblique light blue hypotenuse of the triangle or also the blue standing wave of the universe, which the expansion or expansion the contraction phase. But one can also form a circle out of the triangle and will never comprehend what holds the world together in its innermost being.

The speed of light is therefore only a one-dimensional spatial distance of a constant length ratio, which consists of the length of the 3D plane plus the length of the 4D plane.And because it is a circle, it can also be perceived as a vibration, helix or sine curve when changing the performing perspectives. You can also simply say string and understand the whole description as a string theory.

So everything ultimately leads through the entire disciplines of science and the smallest string determines the final size of the universe (seemy blog).

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