If life was fair, which job would earn a lot?

Every morning everyone awaits with the smart on Dorota.

In the office, Dorota has a natural, disarning contact with all employees.

With its presence, Dorota ensures:

That employees feel more valued,

That new employees feel at home quickly,

That everyone migrants at her energy level… and performs better.


Maybe coincidence, but since Dorota is there,

Absenteeism has fallen surprisingly.

Dorota contributes greatly to the productivity of our office and is indispensable in several aspects.

Dorota is never sick,

Works the hardest of all of us,

And never complains.

That she has such an impact on our office is hard to believe.

Dorota is our cleaning star,

is uneducated,

Speaks only a few words of Dutch,

And deserves a fraction of what our office workers earn on average.

Of course, I do not speak for all the cleaners, and with that I do not answer the question directly,

But if life had been fair, Dorota would undoubtedly earn more.

Cleaners and garbage processors.There are no people who contribute more to the concept of ‘ civilization ‘ than they do. Try for 2 weeks without doing.

Realize that if they refuse to work for 2 weeks then a city in this chaos changes as opposed to e.g. the need of a government.

Belgium has done 1.5 years without and it went better in those 1.5 years than the years before.

Always nice to compare how long a society can be without a certain profession.And less fun is to acknowledge that the most crucial professions are constantly under pressure and wages are lower than comparable work with similar responsibilities and necessary knowledge and skills.

Police paid worse than a private bodyguard, militarily are paid worse than a mercenary, a doctor deserves more with Botox injections than with cataracts, a CEO deserves more than a government leader and you deserve more as a private driver than if Bus driver.

My girlfriend works in the disabled care, she shifted, showered and performs EMB (severely multiple limited) clients.

Super Heavy and responsible work that she does with much love, but financially it is a drama.

I don’t think life is unfair, but our system.

Why do politicians earn so much money if they do not usually show up in Parliament?

Who would definitely be worth earning more money?

As the others said, for people in care (health care, elderly care, disability care) I would voluntarily pay more money for their hard work.

I also think of the firemen and the emergency services.Firefighters are risking their lives, working crazy hours and rescuing people.

There are also people who work their whole life long and make their hands dirty so that we can live comfortably.

I am thinking of this short film that I have recently seen about a garbage man from Switzerland.It was his career and now he is old, he still does what he can to keep this world clean.

He is sick and does not look comfortable financially.He was recorded when he was young because he was proud of his work.

Samy et les balluches (1989-2019)

So many people deserve more.

Life is not unfair, the system is.I repeat myself, I know.

I am thinking in particular of the people who are really in the midst of society, such as police officers, staff in the (elderly) care and people in education.

I also think that people who do ‘ customer service ‘ can earn more, even though I understand that not everyone agrees. I just don’t understand why some people are completely disconnected in a phone conversation against employees who catch the blows for wealthy companies.These employees often have to work according to certain directives and regulations, even if they would have preferred to do so themselves differently. Think of the customer service staff of health insurers or for example the ANWB. Despite the fact that those people represent those companies, I do not give them all the dredging they get over them every day.

This is in stark contrast to our European politicians who gather in Brussels and then clocks in and out again to get their daily ‘ expense allowance ‘.These people should really serve as an example to society, but they often enrich themselves at the expense of taxpayers. Unacceptable. Can still remember the fragment of my blood that really started to boil. That’s from some years ago, but my mouth really fell open of amazement from minute 5. You do not have to explain to me that the combination of style and Daniel van der Stoep does not really provide a textbook example. Is also not entirely relevant. There is certainly too much money spent on unsensible things in Brussels.

Jobs in education and care.Jobs that really matter!

Nursing, education.Sure. But life is not fair, so unless you find that the market is fair.

Let’s say that it is compulsory that everyone who works in employment deserves the same amount.Young & old, studied the profession or learned with trial and error, years of experience or just started. Every job, whatever you do, everyone equals salary.

If you do not want to work in employment, you may try to settle your own income.So let the entrepreneurs outside the discussion, and there is still the option to earn more if you really want and are capable. But if you choose that route, you are not entitled to the basic salary.

We Divide the work so that everyone can get started.If there are many people, the working week is just shorter. Salaries always remain the same and are enough to live prosperous.

Then there would not be enough people for some professions who want to do that.Disability care For example, a super-heavy profession. I cannot imagine that a cleaning or garbage man is a profession that people with all their hearts choose (in the care I see it still).

For those professions, professions where people would rather not get in, a storage should come.And not only for the vacactures that cannot be fulfilled, but for all the people who practise that profession.

For instance, I think I would get a much fairer system, and people will be rewarded higher if they do work that actually nobody really wants to do with pleasure.

The elderly care . Is still ridiculous that prisoners are often treated better as our elderly.

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