If God exists, has He created a woman or a man?

Zen meditation pays off.The old Sanskrit rule is called

” Tat twamm asi ” ; ” That’s you. “

Meaning: Concentrate better; be not inattentive.

” Deed ” ; See.English ” that “

” asi ” ; See.Greek ” esy ” ; you.

The journeymen in the cathedral huts say quite typical

” You are addressed.”

Googele times after the weak-minded song of ===> Wencke Myrhe

” If God were a woman; what then?”

Ok then.If God were a woman. Then tell me the story of Mariae Annunciation. but do not come to me, God be lesbian …

Is Zen actually immanent or transcendent; and what kind of transcendence does it invite us to?

If I were a woman, I could have a son.Just then. Admittedly; it takes a lot of getting used to thinking of myself as a woman. But these ===> Koan serve precisely to break down overly beloved barriers of thought.

But God?Let us imagine God invisible and in heaven; Ernst Haeckel

” God is a gaseous vertebrate … “

If God were a woman.Should her son then fall down from heaven as a baby like those unman-made icons of Christ in which the Eastern Church believes?

so ick weeč„˝ no.Having children is the woman’s very own job. And no woman is said to have pondered that Mary was told that her son was destined to be slaughtered on the cross?

I am yawning at a 2 000-year-old abyss. If only one woman had come to the conclusion that a female goddess cannot have children – Christianity would have been taken out of circulation …

There was a suspicion in me; Nietzsche in his Zarathustra already had it.

” When you go to the woman; don’t forget the whip.

Is this really hostile to women?And in general. Isn’t it always the dominamom who whips the Maso out? Nietzsche had a photo taken of his girlfriend Lou Andrea swinging the whip over him.

No; the Zarathustra does not go about women, but about God.The priest’s son Nietzsche will have known that Lutheran saying

” And?What did God do before the world was created? “

” There he sat in a birch forest and cut rods for those who ask such useless questions … “

Put on Nietzsche ” Weib ” = ” Gott ” as in Wencke’s anthem.

” You go to the woman ” = ” You are a seeker of God “

And now further in the spirit of Luther:

” And when you go on the journey to God and ask her why she sacrificed her Son on the cross.

Then remember: God has the whip for asking such useless questions … “

He obviously noticed.

But that feminist question goes back to me:

Isn’t there also the daughter of God?

===> Richard Carrier in his lectures on Youtube would have said yes again

” Jesus has never existed.The Gospels are bullshit; and Christians are ass liars … “

For that retelling of the ===> Wunderfratz ( Udo Lindenberg ) from Bethlehem I would give the evangelist a smooth 5.See the original Pharaoh Hatshepsut, who declared herself the ” Daughter of God “. By the way, with the same cultic insignia that the Christians were to take over.

You can get smart about their motives.

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