If a wealthy person, without objection, can get his money off, can he come into heaven?

Yeah though.I do send a tikkie.

Haha was it just so simple and what heaven are you trying to get into friend?There are quite a few you want the afterlife of the Sand trilogy in? Then you have to behave after their rules. Christians are the easiest to do Jews rather difficult if you do not have their blood and strange little things. Islam is fasting on the dates 5 pray a day and leave your foreskin behind. Rather difficult. Hindu or Buddha Vegans eat love for everything and everyone and don’t forget to chant the mantras. Easiest is hell of the Vikings you’re going to die without your warrior was only you’re always hungry and nothing fulfills you. All in all if you only do your money away and you do nothing for the rest then you don’t get anywhere.

Rich or poor, old or young, it all plays no role as there is no heaven. Sorry for the Spoiler

Grtn, Stign

Provided that there would be such a thing as a heaven… why not?

I actually find it deeply sad that the church and the whole history of the church has created a kind of glorification of poverty on the basis of 脙 漏 脙 漏 N, even poorly understood story.

The story of the wealthy youth for Dummies芒 鈧?娄

So the story begins with a young man who comes to Jesus and asks what he has to do to get 芒 鈧?虄part of eternal Life鈩?

When we read that today, we read directly 芒 鈧?虄what we need to do to get into Heaven 芒 鈧劉, but for a believing Jew -what the boy was clearly witnessing the rest of the text -known (and for many believing Jews means it is still) 芒 鈧?虄eternal Life 芒 鈧劉 No life without end, but living with 芒 鈧?虄The Etern芒 鈧劉, living in perfect harmony with God’s commandments.

Then comes the comparison of the 芒 鈧?虄baselrus芒 鈧劉.What is actually the stretched beautiful in the text, where we all live over it, is that a young man does all these things -or at least says to do -of which the average Jewish believer at that time believed that it was a life path.

So at a young age he had done all that God asked of him.And he wanted to do more.

In Marcus it is very nice to be told 芒 鈧?虄And Jesus looked lovingly at him鈩?

I read a piece of recognition here. Jesus saw in that boy the same idealism, the same love for God, where he himself was also animated.And from that love for that passion , Jesus says very popular: Man, forget all your money, come on and join us, we follow our own way to bring that love of God among the people.

And there the boy Hakes. The problem is not that he owns money, but that he has responsibilities.For 芒 鈧?虄rijk芒 鈧劉 meant at that time usually 芒 鈧?虄a large landowner 芒 鈧劉 and as a large landowner you have a responsibility for other people.

And that sense of responsibility prevented that boy from giving up everything.How much he liked it too.

It’s a pity how this story about a very personal decision that someone had to take is a bit distorted to a general-purpose story.It is scandalous that this has been used by the churches over the centuries to keep a kind of poverty ideal for the faithful, which one was not willing to live.

And it’s a pity that over 20 centuries later people are still unable to put a simple story into the historical context and just in God’s name Read what really stands.

It is possible but not because of the money giving but because of the feelings, intentions behind his deed, if it is given because of wisdom, love.

Heaven is a certain state of being. It’s about your low or high vibrations in light (wisdom), Love, truth.

In the other fine-temporal worlds/dimensions There are also certain natural/spirituelle laws.

A human being is a universal and individual consciousness in a physical body. As the physical body dies, universal and individual consciousness awakens in another world/dimension with a fine-temporal vibration. The feeling of yourself does not change.

Through the physical body we are aligned with this world. When the physical body dies, it disappears, consciousness through another body, aray body will be aligned with another reality, dimension… man is a consciousness with about 7 bodies.At death, man leaves the physical and energetic body behind and continues to live in another less physical world with the other bodies: the feelings, the thought, the ‘ unconditional love ‘, the ‘ will of the creator ‘, ‘ The miracle ‘.

This coarse-temporal world is a classroom, a field of work where the nature of the lower three-part bodies in the fire of the experience is refined, so that the spiritual light and love can shine through.This awareness process continues through the cycle through the two next, less physical worlds, that of feelings and thought, purification of feelings and thought, so that it can come to full expression.

In the coarse world there is an evolution towards more sense and consciousness.The only explanation I can find for this cruel creation is, that the creator/Great Spirit, to achieve his objective, en. Developing self-awareness, the way through evolution must follow, through plants, animals, people, through feelings, thinking, I-consciousness.

Given the state of imperfection, unconsciousness, ignorance, cruelty, selfishness, mismanagement of man, I think that this coarse-temporal world is only a dimension between multiple dimensions, fine-temporal worlds/dimensions.

Life on Earth is a training school and has the value of a dream or nightmare.The other high dimensiesare more real.

The function of this coarse-temporal world is comparable to a particular school, where new students are included each year and students leave for a higher school.

The value and meaning of life here on Earth is equal to the value of walking through elementary school.

The Earth, as an awareness school, will continue to be visited by imperfect, ignorant, unconscious, selfish, split people.

The people (I-consciousness beings) who have accomplished the lessons of unity, general interest, love, peace, compassion, unconditional love, forgiveness will, after moving the physical body in another dimension, fine-physial World.

Through a philosophy of life with full acceptance, attribution and forgiveness for the deeds and events, the necessary life lessons are taught what the harvest of life on Earth is.

The fine-temporal world can be a kind of heaven, where like-minded people live together and where they can continue the spiritual evolution.This is ultimately the most real world and probably what the creator wants to accomplish.

His: Unity, unconditional love, forgiveness, general interest

I: Individual, self-interest, needy, selfishness, desire,
Pain, hurting, shame, anger, hatred, revenge, violence. Unconscious, imvery, cleft.

The deeds, feelings, thoughts, words come back to the owner, the perpetrator.

The lessons learned are bringing more into the I. This life is a psychodrama school.The actual harvest of a life is truth, wisdom, honesty, capacity to unconditional love, to empathy, to see the other as someone with the same rights and interests as yourself. More light, a greater proportion of being able to integrate through awareness into the I, is also the valuable thing that man can take to the following less physical (spiritual) worlds/dimensions.

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