If a single light quant moves in a linear beam, what is the wave character of light, as shown in the double gap experiment?

I just answered another question about how a photon presents itself when we grasp it and why we don’t understand that one is the same as the other.It’s as stupid as a cube you look at from the left or from the right. It’s just a different perspective of the same object. You then take a angle of view that allows you to see only one area of the cube and makes any other angle never yearn for more than three surfaces, even though there are still six surfaces.

And with a 4D sphere, it’s just that everything from the 4D plane seems to be at the same coordinates, where the object of the 3D plane is also located, without one standing in the way of the other.How a chair can stand at the same X/Y coordinates as a floor lower, without that upper chair standing in the way of the lower.

You’re basically asking about dualism because you don’t understand what a wave or the light is overskin, and you describe far too much, which makes the question unnecessarily difficult to understand, what the essence of your question is.So I leave the answer here, although I could have linked it, but there are also good reasons for this, because link laziness or link blindness are the biggest problem here on Quora.

How do electromagnetic waves work?Do I have to think of it like the stone hitting a mirror-smooth water surface?

It is not so easy to understand an electromagnetic wave, yet a certain part of your consideration is generally understood in this way.But you have to differentiate the whole thing considerably. therefore

On the one hand, there is a large field in space, which, like air or water, does not consist of many things that can be considered globally as a medium, which can be subject to different quantities -distribution or density of the base substance.

The medium is thus modulated in its consistency, in which the quantities are periodically vibrated or.in which you make waves with it, like with a bed sheet. Usually, for example, the radio waves are just such a vibrating shock of the soup surrounding us, which will also want to understand as an electromagnetic field.

On the other hand, however, the field consists of even the smallest objects, which mark the space by curving a narrow area of space, whereby the three dimensions known to us are curved into a 4th dimension.In doing so, something is taken from the 3D plane of the room, which then entails a shortening of the route. This effect is called gravity by us, whereby the missing amount now represents the electromagnetically labeled amount of the 4D plane of space. Thus, a photon is presented, both as an electromagnetic wave, and as a gravitational object.

Why this is now also called a wave is due to the way in which the object is measured.Because the photon is just a spherical effect. So there is a single acting point that always moves in constant size, but never it is a pumping, vibrating field that changes the radius of its field in a sinusoidal manner in a steady frequency. No there is nothing swinging, but the photon can only be detected electromagnetically and thus we only perceive the effects of curvature as a sine curve, from which we deduce that it is a wave. But it is only a single sine arc that appears in the meter, not a continuous sequence of electromagnetic vibrations as I described it before in the swinging field.

It is the consequence of the curvature, which carries decreasing negative values to the center, but which then shows a reverse effect from the center, i.e. shows increasing, positive values.Each cosine arc shows the same mathematical properties. Any other type of measurement also shows the same properties, so no one understands what the dualism of the particles is based on.

So, the one is the swinging of the medium and the other is the representation of the form of action in motion or movement.is the sequential representation of the measurement of its density or the degree of curvature. So it is the same, just from two different perspectives, complementary and additionally 90掳 twisted described. You can find out more about this in my blog under Bonitistic Geometry,

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