If a relationship doesn’t start well and easily, does that mean it’s going to fail?

No, don’t have to be the case.What is important then is whether there is willingness to help and support each other and this is shown non-verbal, if this is not the case early in the relationship, then it is a very high probability that it will become nothing.

When I and my wife started our relationship, we both had a relationship behind it.And we made an apparently easy appointment: We are ourselves, if it works then it works, and otherwise we stop the relationship.
In the beginning, this resulted in some headbrekens, because although we have the same “vision” in life, we are different in how we do things.
And if you have it over “not good and easy”, that is a euphemism.Because we both have an instruction manual, and life had some unpleasant surprises in store especially for my wife. Many of these things have been discussed at the very beginning of our relationship.

I know where most of the still present tension between me and my wife comes from, and I also have an angelic patience.So if it doesn’t go that well, it will be good again. And that may take a few days.
I don’t remember who said it on the English Quora: I mean Frank Veaux: When dating it’s not about finding a match, but to find out as soon as possible that you are not compatible, that you do not fit together.
I and my wife have done that ten years ago, and this is precisely why the beginning was not always so good and easy.On the other hand: After ten years, I can no longer argue with dry eyes that if it is not good and easy it is doomed to fail.

The failure to do so is not a law, but it is a major obstacle.Why should you continue if it is uncomfortable? You want to be with someone with whom you have a natural chemistry. The problems will come later.

A good start is half the work.Besides, when is a relationship failed? I myself have had a number of longer relationships and I can see one as unsuccessful. Despite these relationships, we have had a good time together.

It depends. It is possible that a relationship does not start well because there is a misunderstanding. It then depends on how both partners deal with this misunderstanding.Letting one another speak and listening to each other can solve a lot and ultimately lead to more mutual understanding, which will benefit the future relationship.

Certainly not.Of course it is nice if the relationship has a good start, but it can also bring people closer together when they fight through it. When they fight for each other. A relationship requires time and energy from both sides. When they are both willing to put their energy into it and give each other time to grow and work on the relationship, a difficult start is not bad.

If you are both good at overcoming the strubblings in the beginning and that succeeds it turns out to be a good learning school.

Well no, certainly not necessarily.

If both partners attach a lot of value to each other in a starting relationship, and there is quite some difficulty in it, frictions will soon emerge.

What makes the relationship promising or not is not how easy it is, but how much it is worth both parties.

Not always, but in general a dark sign.

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