If a man, if it was physically possible to conceive, would you want to do it? What would you expect?

My heaven, No!

I now fall horribly through the basket, I accept your all anger but: No.I am so grown up with my masculine identity, or the image I have of it, that I cannot even imagine this.

I understand that logical arguments are desirable.I seize two in desperation.

  1. Women have a much higher pain tolerance than men.


  • What should the child be in Heaven’s name?
    • Note: I’m not sure.

    I hope so. I sincerely hope so. No, I was not built on it, while my wife was very happy with her pregnancies, slightly less with the childbirth.Do not have any need to participate in this exaggerated sexe equality.

    Yes, I would like to experience that.. Sometimes jealous that that can’t.I am a human being, but can never experience it. Something that so many people experience. So I am only half a man, I think sometimes…. 😉

    Even though it does get pregnant and give a lot of pain, yet I would like to experience it if that could.

    I would like to make a new man with my body, feel a close relationship with it because it has grown in me. 🙂

    Thanks for the A2A.

    I do not believe that at my age it is still sensible to get pregnant, even if it could.The question of whether I would like to do so is irrelevant.

    Yes I would like to do that.Especially out of curiosity. But after childbirth I don’t want to walk around with breasts for the rest of my life. But this can solve a small cosmetic operation.

    As a couple, you can choose who gets pregnant.This seems to me to be particularly positive. Every turn eg.

    What I expect?

    Hmmm… A pregnancy has physical, hormonal and emotional consequences.It will not always be rose scent and moonshine. But every person is unique and reacts differently. Especially the physical inconveniences in the last months is not something I look forward to and the potential hormonal and emotional rollercoaster, I don’t really look forward to that either. Stretch marks, scars of the cesarean section, etc. is something you have to take, but nobody likes this of course.

    Will my wife find me even more attractive afterwards?Or is the band and love Strong enough, so I don’t have to worry about it. (AM called single now, so there is no woman)

    It seems to me to be a unique experience to feel life growing in your body.And you’ll probably have a relationship with your child and your father/Mother instinct will be activated right away.

    So I would like to experience it at least 1 time.That will be due to my insatiable curiosity.

    Hopefully you’ll find this a satisfying answer to a non-mundane question.

    Yes though!Seems great! Pregnancy is a privilege of women. Give life to a new mensje. What could be nicer! What would I expect? That I would be expected to hit.

    In the meantime, the male part of the world population has largely come to the point where it is the eternal myth of ‘ the Strong sex ‘.

    As far as they behave as if they were better, these men are brainwashed by traditions, customs, religious beliefs and other influences.

    But they know it, though.Without women they had no sons or daughters. And that’s best.

    Having written that, considering that men if they have a flu already pretend to be dead on it, I see them the whole process of pregnancy, with hormonal accelerations, mood swings, eating showers, morning sickness, kicking, contractions And childbirth have not yet come through.The only thing they might still like is the activity with which they could become pregnant, although it would also require E. E, a, to embrace.

    I can’t imagine a man that would seriously like it.It is a long agony with an uncertain end (childbirth) and years of sacrifice.

    That is why Islam puts much more emphasis on the mother than on the father.There are countless hadiths in which the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) the Muslims on the heart presses to be good for the parents and especially the mother.

    Absolutely not.For that chore I have a woman.

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