I would like to go to the opera, for the first time of my life. What would you recommend to see? And where should I go? Should I dress nicely?

As others have already said is the Stopera I think the best place to watch for the first time an opera.Honestly admitted it has a nice price tag, but at least you are guaranteed quality.

It is very important for whichever opera you choose that you know in advance what the opera is about.You need to know well what the storyline is, what the characters are etc. So you read well in advance, otherwise it is not understandable.

Nor can it hurt to hear in advance of a few arias or other well-known musical pieces from the opera.Especially if you don’t normally listen to classical music, an opera can be overwhelming for the first time, so you can’t completely handle it. Let your ears get used to the music style beforehand.

Regarding the choice of the opera itself I would not go straight for that Magic Flute, as this is a reasonably violent opera, which you may not be able to understand immediately if you choose this as the first opera.Loafers are: La boh猫me, La traviata, Rigoletto.

You can know what you attract yourself.However, it is important to know that the opera is often neatly dressed. Think of a suit for men and a neat dress for women. If you don’t feel good about it, you shouldn’t do that. It is often part of the whole experience to look good. I would definitely recommend it too.

Unlike operetta, everything is sung.There is practically no spoken text in an opera. That can feel very artificial, I had to bother to put me over there and continue to ‘ undergo ‘ the story.

It has never become my thing.Well beautiful music (which had been Entf眉hrung aus dem Serail of Mozart).

Definitely do, if only to experience.Tight in the suit, but no gala, is recommendable. A bit of theatre has a screen above the scene where subtitles roaming so the story is a bit to follow.

Wessel Elting has given good advice, little preparing can never hurt.And indeed go with friends and make it a nice outing.

The three (so far) other answers give great advice, but to make the confusion even bigger: one of the three Mozart-da Ponte operas:

  1. Le nozze di Figaro
  2. Cosi fan tutte
  3. Don Giovanni

Where?In the Music Theatre (Stopera) in Amsterdam. Read on the website of the Dutch Opera whether and when one of these is executed, because that is not the case every year.

Advice: Read yourself in advance well in the story, because usually there are a lot of sideline intrigues.Clothing: Neat, but big Gala does not necessarily.

You would, according to me, have to go to a performance of Mozart’s ‘ Die Zauberfl枚te ‘.That’s a really beautiful opera. I saw it as a little boy. Very impressive and a beautiful fairytale..

I do not know where it is carried out, but I will be googling for a moment.

And yes, you must wear a beautiful, classy, long black dress.. Preferably with split.:-)

There are so many types of operas.There is opera with decor and costumes and there is also opera that is purely about the music. To the vocals so too. The German opera is more formal. So a little more is being watched on your clothes.

Those Mozart Zauberfl枚te is a beautiful beginning.Klassike Opera. Beautiful d茅cor and costumes. Interesting story with also humor. And a beautiful aria of the Queen of the Night. One of the hardest pieces to sing for a soprano.
Mozart: Die Zauberfl枚te, K. 620, ACT 2: “Der H枚lle Rache bought in Gott herzen” (K枚nigin)

I actually never go to the opera myself, so I can’t really recommend you a particular show.I myself am a little more of the ordinary theatre, but dare to say that there are enough operas of high quality.

If you go for an evening, do you even dull yourself?Do that also for the opera. After all, you go out for an evening and you may look pretty nice, at least I think.

Have fun!

I would advise to look up a list of classic masterpieces on the Internet (Spotify, YouTube).Take your time to listen to different styles and work so you know what you like. Nobody is going to listen to them for hours if they don’t like it. And I don’t know what the dress code of an opera is, but the more defer you dress, that will certainly do the experience well in my opinion. In a sweatpants it will be very uncomfortable.

If you don’t know anything about opera: choose one of the more accessible classics.For example Carmen, Rigoletto, La Traviata, A茂da, or the Barber of Sevilla, (all deeply tragically except the Barbier; you will start to understand where the word melodramatic comes from) Choose a good opera company. Make it a festive getaway by going with partner or friends and dress up nicely. It is not compulsory, though. Take handkerchiefs with you…

I would recommend one of the following: 1 La boheme 2 de Barbier of Sevilla 3 Aida.

These are the 3 most famous operas.I would just googling the nearest Concert hall. If you do not vidnt there, I would look at the site of the Stopera. I’m not sure what the expectations are M. B. T clothes.

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