I want to move to a new city, 1 hour away from my ex. We have a co-parental agreement. What is the best solution for children in the field of school and logistics? How did you do that?

If the children go to high school, this can be best.

If the children are still in elementary school, I would not do this.

Yes, it can be better for you.I Snap. Away from where you were happy and now no more, and where memories were around.

But you have an obligation towards your children to make their lives as smooth as possible.Everything that stands in the way, especially if they are still going to primary school, just shouldn’t happen.

Unfortunately, the choice to make yourself if your children do not always possible and you will have to manage.

I would wait for my children to sit in high school, their lives become a bit more extensive, and they can easily travel back and forth, and less stuck to mom and dad.

Co-Parenting is not to do with those distances. In children who go to elementary school already not at all (2 hours travel time up and down to school for 50% of the time when one of the parents is not doing), and for children who go to high school it is perhaps still to do but especially for the kids themselves very o Npractical.

In short, you can forget about co-parenting.Then the question is what.
脙’f the children will live with you, 脙 虏 f at your ex.

If you do not come out of them, you will have to go to court so that a parental control can be established.

Usually that is a 12 days contiguous at the 脙 漏 脙 漏 N and 2 weekend days at the other arrangement.To avoid large travel times for children there are not a lot of other arrangements that can work. After all, going to two schools does not work.

If you are the one who violates the existing parental agreement, it will certainly weigh in the decision of the judge who, of course, looks at more than just that.

Also the fact that children are 芒 鈧?虄worteld芒 鈧劉 are in a certain environment and there boyfriends and family are taken into account.Then of course there is the question of whether your ex could take care of the children.

I also thought everything was well arranged and had a co-parental agreement with my ex who decided to violate them by 70km to live here and to register our son without further consultation at her address and at a primary school near her .

Our son was then 3 and this was just before he had to go to primary school.

The consequence:

  • I won a brief dispute which demanded that registration be reversed in the other city and at the other school. Registration at another address and at a school is an authority act that both parents must agree with.
  • Also the soil procedure in which she demanded child support, our son’s stay with her and a weekend arrangement for me she lost. The judge reversed that. Our son has been living with me for 6 years now and sees his mother once every 14 days a weekend.

I have been asked to give an answer here.

芒 鈧?娄 huh?

Shoot me but leak; I still have to divorce my life for the first time, but I have no plans in that direction, and if I read the signals well, my dear beloved is not.:)

Seems to me to be a problem; The children cannot be at two schools at once.I just think that if you decide to store your tents elsewhere, you effectively cancel your co-parenthood.

Anyway, in my area I have only one co-parenthood on one for the children (who can do nothing but be the victim) to see a successful way: The EXEs kept the house, the CHILDREN stayed there, and both ex-partners pulled in Their own apartment, and lived around the week with the children.

This is how I intend to do it.

She goes away.Its good right. Kids stay.

If you have teenagers, T is easier, with small kids you shouldn’t go and get out of their familiar surroundings

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