I want to meditate for the first time. Can I do this myself at home, without guidance?

You, you can do this perfectly yourself at home.

It does take some effort and requires adaptation, but in principle anyone who has the opportunity to think and act independently can get started.

I know from experience that it can be difficult to sit still, feel our feelings and let them go down in a methodical way, to make way for positive energy (i.e. love = acceptance, tolerance, patience, understanding, compassion) .

This is achieved by detecting negative energy in your body and connecting with the emotions that sustain this negative energetic charge.

It is true that there are many different types of species (I am not in favour of it because they seem to me at first sight watered, rigid and dogmatic versions of the true essence of meditation).

I truly believe that meditation serves to restore the inner emotional balance so that we are stronger in life and able to cope more smoothly or better with setbacks (I apply it that way).

I am a person who is very much asked to achieve results without fuss, and I do not like to do my time with methods that do not work.

Authentic meditation has nothing to do with rigidity, dogma, religion or sects.

On the contrary, in an authentic way of meditation, you increase your flexibility and ability to adapt to your environment and others, and also strengthen your self-reliance.

Your understanding of yourself, but also in others, is deepened as well.

So you don’t have to settle your attention for hours on the flame of a candle (or anything) to achieve results (as is done with one kind of meditation).

No, the way I meditate is scientifically substantiated by neuroscientists (e.g.Joe Dispenza & Bruce Lipton).

The kind I practice is Theta healing and that is the only kind I recommend (at least the way I have learned it), because with it you can methodical way to find out the cause of your problems and thus remedy them (and this can be accomplished by Rom your living room).

As a human being, I have transformed enormously in 3 years and I have not had to travel abroad or to a tropical place, I have not had to talk to a guru either, I also did not have to join a sect (bah!) and I also do not have me bla Your paid, I also did not have to perform any weird rituals for a la Sabrina teenager witch.

No, no and another No.There is no blood, nor dagger still spices to be promised.

I have tried 1 free session with a person who has a sense of energetic healing and the real purpose of meditation, and that session has proven that the method that I have been taught (and which I still apply daily) does indeed work.

You also feel it in your body.I have felt and noticed things that were observing (but the things you see are seen from your subconscious mind, and not so much from your 2 physical eyes).

Your subconscious mind communicates with your brain and shows you images that are useful for you to heals and restore the balance in your inner universe.

This will also put the emphasis on Visualisations鈩?N.Because they are very powerful and allow them to make changes to ourselves.

Visualizations serve to get the energy in your body in motion in a playful way (instead of being stuck in your body and causing pain).

I am of the principle that if you are curious about something you do not have any experience with, but would like to know the good thing about it, that you will have to get started with the matter and then free.

Then you will automatically find out whether the matter is true or not.

Because of my own personal situation, I had to be open to other ways to effectively tackle emotional pain and psychological burdens, and so I have come out with Theta healing-a sophisticated and very effective form of meditating As people did it before.

And so no commercialised mess where you will be kept on the line and as a domed there is waiting for change while nothing happens (except the fact that you feel very stupid and therefore a lot of frustrated if you started before).

At the right time, I have come across the right person who has also known a great deal of setbacks and thanks to her experience & life path has finally come out of Theta healing.

What I would do is look up someone (online) who is knowledgeable and ask if you can try a free session.And then inform you about the possibility to learn it yourself.

Also try a guided meditation (these are recordings that are made in advance and that you can download to your favorite device to listen to them and assist you in the visualisation process while you meditate).

This is what I used, and this is how I got to healen myself.

If you don’t find anyone locally, be sure to check out internationally.Today, you can easily get in touch with people working at international level.

For that we have the Internet:).

Have fun with your quest!

It may be.So I started too. There are groups on Facebook and YouTube videos where you can find enough information. Meditation is the art of 芒 鈧?艙are芒 鈧? Get your mind empty and that way you can listen to your inner voice. It asks practice and time but is well worth it. Be patient and sweet to yourself.

Certainly can!

It only requires a very gedized approach.If you are willing to go into a lot of books, learn what different methods there are, watch videos. And which method is most suited to what you want to get out of it. Dive into history to include the extent of meditating. The centuries to scholars who have made their life’s work here.

That is why there is a lot of guidance.It gives a lot of food for thought, and sometimes it requires a radical turnaround in your view of the world, and own thoughtprocesses. A companion in this makes it so much easier, because it can help you find and decide, and already possess knowledge that you do not have to amuse yourself. (Although I believe that sometimes you learn by the steps yourself to put SO MUCH more. Also the appreciation for it becomes larger)

If you are a bit of auto-didact and are good at deciding what is and is not working properly (on the basis of what you are learning) it may be just as good.

Meditation is SO MUCH more than just sitting in silence.For centuries people have been refining the best methods. Something you can’t include after a video on YouTube.

It’s a skill just like any other.And we all know the rule of thumb of 10,000 hours to have something to be mastered. Money just as good for meditating.

Because you must also understand:

Something that can be good for you can be bad for you by a wrong approach too.For good and bad are inextricably linked.

I know enough people in my area who would benefit from meditation, but I would strongly advise you to have guidance.Meditating can work very confrontational. You want to meditate to be able to better understand your self and the world. But for good meditation you sometimes have to know/estimate your self reasonably. Too many people on the earth who THINK they know themselves. But those are also the people who confuse personality and character.

When meditating, you learn to know your character, and you may even touch the personality you had lost before.Personality is not fixed, character is.

I say this, because I lost my old personality by meditating, which was a very tricky process.The good thing about all that was that I know myself so much better now!

You are frightened by the illusions we ourselves hold ourselves, which we are actually tacitly accepting for truth.

Meditation has helped me to break those illusions.And I am a person who has mostly chosen it myself.

Character cannot be chosen.Sometimes your expectation is different from reality, and there can be many not dealing with it. You must be able to have peace with what you find, no matter what it is.

What I learn now is also that the harder you get from that bit of yourself, the less good you are going to feel.If you follow the inner REAL self, you can even stop searching for light. Light then comes to you.

If you are happy with how you are in life, and what you are doing, take this from me:

You may get rid of this by meditating, despite the IDEA that you did it well.

After that, the struggle is that your environment may be struggling with your new self.

All these are reasons to get guidance.

But do you think to know yourself, or not to be afraid of radical life changes.Then Start this trip yourself. But full of surrender, and gediciskired. And you have to temporarily throw away everything you believed in. The good things will come back anyway.

Started the trip itself (I’ve had slight guidance from my psychologist, although we’ve been meditating miss but discussing in 2 sessions) has taught me everything much better to understand, than someone who tells me what worked for him/her.This has already made a personal selection, which complements the character.

And at the end of the day, your best psychologist is the one you have inside.Because no one knows you as well as you are.

Except for a god, but also that everyone must find/experience.

I would always recommend doing it myself, because that worked for me.Maarja, that’s because it complements my character.

Hope you can do something with it.

One Love!

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