I often read criticism of the Netherlands. Dutch people seem to be on the chest about the freedom and tolerance that is present in the Netherlands. According to some, this is disappointing and others are lyrical about my country. What is the truth?

Well, as usual with this kind of thing, the truth is more in between.Not quite in the middle, because the Netherlands is really more of a good country than a bad country, but of course it is not a perfect country huh.

Surely the diminishing acceptance and tolerance is worrying, what I hear from it.And that applies to both Dutch and people from the outside, for both white Dutch and non-white Dutchmen.

We must be careful not to fall into the American trap of a huge divide.Because that’s going to make things difficult to solve. I think that a lot of Dutch people would do better to occasionally just keep their mouths and let things take their course, instead of going everywhere, protesting and shouting.

Because that doesn’t solve anything, that only causes tension, and that causes dichotomy, and that causes more tension, and before you know it you are in the American mill where no escape is possible. I have, quite frankly, no hope that America is yet to be saved, and one of the causes is really that too few people are trying to find solutions, and too many people are only busy expressing their dissatisfaction (and especially about others who do things wrong That need to be solved, never about themselves of course).

That is not a situation in which we want to end.Expressing dissatisfaction is important, certainly, but only if you are also willing to look for solutions. And then 脙 漏 Chte Solutions huh, not 芒 鈧?艙those are just our habits and if you don’t like it then you rot on to your own country. 芒 鈧?that is not a solution. That is intolerance, and you should not find it right, either from others or yourself. That’s not wanting to live together

But apart from that, let’s be, the Netherlands is a good country to live in.I live now for 6 years in America and boy Young, what is the Netherlands a good country to live in Hahahahaha. I am therefore coming back in two years. (Well, the fact that I still have two sons living in the Netherlands is the main reason, I miss them terribly, but I am very happy to be able to get away from America).

The Netherlands is ranked in the top 10 of good countries, in the top 10 of happy countries, and 1 on the list of countries where children are the happiest.

Criticism may be there and should be there.But let us not exaggerate: we have really been extremely affected in the Netherlands though.

I can only compare it to my country where “Libert茫 漏, 脙-galit脙 漏, Fraternit脙 漏” are the core values.In theory.

Do you know what is really striking?

Nowadays in France it is no longer accepted to say in public what you think.You must be polite and politically correct.

And I find it sucks.I prefer to live in the Netherlands, where I know that I am still an too direct person to really go into it, but in any case in the Netherlands it is recognised immediately and open as a cultural affair.

I love to live here, because people won’t try to convince me to do it as they want.They leave them to me, even if they do not agree. And you can be very proud of the Dutch.

Maybe it’s even a sign of superior intelligence…

Look, I have been sitting here for 20 years so I am neither Lyrich nor critical, I consider EN as my homeland and I am giving in to something disappointing and also if I am happy with it.But I note that ethnic Dutch people can sometimes be angry about this when I am critical and they will soon be involved in my homeland of how it is there, which I have not been for decades.

There is no impartial truth.

The indigenous Dutchman sees it differently from the immigrant Marokaan who has already vanwwege his name during his MBO training can not come to an internship…In the native Dutch, it will vary according to their level of education, social level, etc.

All in all, the Netherlands is a liberal country, the people who feel disadvantaged (sometimes quite rightly, so wages have not risen for many years) feel by anything and everything (foreigners, refugees, the EU) threatened, immigrants from north African and Turkish descent are more difficult than the Chinese, possibly because the former groups are struggling to adapt to Dutch society, not successful integration, so many elderly people still have a lot of trouble with the Language.Various political currents play a useful part in this.

We came from SO Asia to the Netherlands in the 1960s after a failed coup, in my homeland, between 500.000 and 3 million people were murdered in a year of systematic killings by militias without any form of trial.To do it thinly, in May 1998 anti-Chinese riots broke out, killing around 1.000 people. The perpetrators of both 芒 鈧?艙events芒 鈧?are never tried, the people of the murder party 1965芒 鈧?”66 have Rin 2012 still proud of Kamera about their wrongdoings narrated: the Act of killing (2012)-IMDb

If you look at it from that angle, the Netherlands is a quiet prosperous country.

We mean it well.

However, the Netherlands is a leader in Europe, measured by the effectiveness in which our labour market negatively discriminates people with an immigration background.We also hold on to racist expressions during our National Children’s party, while only the great children under us would suffer from the curbing of these expressions. Furthermore, we do not jump into the breach of Homo芒 鈧劉 s and Jews who are threatened in their freedom to express in their own country who they are.

That said, the Netherlands is at least a country in which no political movement can seize power and can do whatever they want, as is the case in countries with a 2-party system.We therefore have effective freedom of expression and effective tolerance.

Lived in the Netherlands for almost 9 years.Have Nederlanse EU Passport. Have lived below the rivers and above the rivers. Have even lived for some time de facto in Belgium but actually little difference. Baarle Hertog/Baarle Nassau. Like everywhere there are angels and Schoeljes. Sinterklaas feast must remain. The hassle of racism begins to hang the throat. There is more racism in a country like Brazil than in the American 芒 鈧?艙Southern States芒 鈧? After the Second World War, the Netherlands submitted an application to be allowed to annex Rhineland. Westphalia. That application was rejected. Otherwise, the Netherlands would have been much larger.

The Netherlands is a police state.The motto of the regime is 芒 鈧?虄zero Tolerance芒 鈧劉.

When the Nazis ruled the country, the citizens were still so free to simply put on a cigar or cigarette when they were in the mood.

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