I love Web comics like Gourmet Hound and let’s Play. I also want to start with comic books, do you have advice (with lots of pages and in a budget.)?

I fear that this question is difficult to answer.

Comics and certainly in the Dutch language area are unfortunately not really cheap and if you are going to add the additional condition of ‘ many pages ‘ it becomes quite difficult.

If it can also be comics in English.(The questioner has been raised bilingual, so for her it is not a problem.) That would be the first introduction to some classics. Since the editions in English are larger the price prints enormously. (Most of them will also be available in Dutch, but the price will be correspondingly.) You can also often find them second-hand if you want to push your budget a little further.

I usually recommend the Chninkel of Grzegorz Rosiński and Jean van Hamme as the first reading.

Van Hamme will know you better of XIII, Largo Winch and Thorgal (Thorgal he made together with Rosiński.) In my opinion, the Chninkel is by far the best work of Van Hamme.

Do me a favor and take the original black and white edition and not the colored ones that have subsequently appeared from commercial considerations.This comic is as far as I know not translated into English so I speak to myself immediately. The Chinkel is a parody of the Bible and also has some influences from A Space Odyssey. It has everything that a comic should have in my opinion; A good story, a touch of humor, some sex and also beautifully drawn.

Maus- Art Spiegelman.No light reading because this is about the concentration camps. Maus has won a Pulitzer Prize with this comic strip. This is really a masterpiece. The drawing work is in black and white and is fully in the service of the story.


Actually as good as everything from Alan Moore (from Hell/Watchmen/V for Vendetta/The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.)

Bone- Jeff Smith

Saga -Vaughan/Staples

Jimmy Corrigan-The smartest Kid on Earth- Chris Ware

Black Hole -Charles Burns

Persipolis- Marjane Satrapi (originally French)

Blankets -Craig Thompson.

Cages -Dave McKean.

Blacksad -Juanjo guarnido/Juan Diaz Canales

Blast- Larcenet Manu (no idea if you are going to find it in English this is originally French)

The children of the Wind -Bourgeon (Here I’m pretty sure you’re not going to find it in English which is actually incomprehensible)

Magasin General -Loisel/Tripp

Over The boundaries of time- Pont and Abolin

I can go on for a while, but you’re going to be as sweet with it.You can, of course, first step into your local library (I know; it’s old fashion) search for a few of the above titles. I can very hard estimate whether you are going to give birth or not, tastes differ now once. Blast of From Hell may not be your thing if you are not just to read comics.

But the first person not touched by Maus should still be born.

I don’t know Gourmet Hound or let’s Play.There are so many different comic strips from all continents that make a choice that you personally like to find is tricky. If you want to read comic books within a budget, then you can go to the public library, where in the adult department you can often find long graphic novels (especially with us in Bruges that is the case).

The following long stories are my favorites (but now I overflow it so very ponderous subjects):

Hiroshima of Keiji Nakazawa : A ten-part series on the effects of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima for the life of a Japanese family.

Osamu Tezuka Buddha : An eight-part series about Buddha’s life by The godfather of the Japanese manga comic.

Maus by Art Spiegelman : The experiences of Father Spiegelman in the concentration camps.

Persepolis of Marjane Satrapi : A long graphic novel about growing up in Iran.

The Arab of the future of Riad Sattouf: A long graphic novel about a Syrian/French family.

I hope this helps.

I had to look up the web comics here (was not known).

If I do so on what you already like, I would recommend the following titles:

LumberJanes-Noelle Stevenson and others

Delilah Dirk and the King’s shilling-(writer forgotten)

The only online comic I know is Sunstone, a BDSM romance comic (not that great) and is too. Found on Deviant Art

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