I lost my faith in ‘ The Love ‘ (and women), can anyone be a deus ex machina? I’m straight.

The Deus ex machina exists in the tragedies of Euripides.Read so…

If you’re really straight, there might be something else in your way.Low libido, little self-confidence, no intimacy or sex, much stress; It is a vicious circle.

Get out of that circle and start with a visit to your GP for a blood exam.Testosterone, vitamin deficiency, and anything else that still shoots him/her in;). Furthermore, the following link will contain some more information.

For men and women:

https://www.meesterminnaar.nl/laag-libido-man-verhogen/Dit happens to your body if you don’t have sex for a while | Happy in Shape

From an autist after another I never had so many problems with women before why I was an incomparable Etterbek.I saw der passable I could well tell what other people wanted to hear.

Please note that I was the classic “Badboy” who didn’t take it so well with rules and the truth.I had quite a few things to do with drug trafficking I was always busy and there were quite a few women around me. My tip become friends just friends with a few very attractive ladies.

Treat them as your nasty little sister go with them shopping steps take them after entertaining.Those very attractive ladies out there you should not even want to join the bed in but what you do is you are going to use them.

If you are seen a lot with ladies then the female brains will do their thing.WTF does this guest with all very handsome ladies. I treat every woman eievenly as me ignoring annoying little sister teasing I have no time am busy well ahead you can do an hour with me some but after that I have to go through because I have to do things.

Throw one I wouldn’t dive with you in bed if I got one million for it.I’m still rather gay than that I put my dick in your stitch and more of that kind of toxic crap and voila you are fucking a week later.

If you want comfort and that women are really not that bad I would like to offer you those too maare yes I do not know what you want man.Do you want a relationship? Do you just want to fuck and then sodefy them?

How do you see der uit?What kind of clothes do you have? How do your shoes look? Your hair? What is your deo? Perfume do you go to the gym? Where do you go steps? What kind of women are you stepping off? Ect? Just simple sex can get you better from women who are 10 years older. I’ve just seduced older women from my 21 to 27 because they’re easier so you might need to broaden your horizons. Women their seksdeive is higher when they are 30 40.

In essence, it is not so much your belief in women that you have lost, but your belief in yourself.You also miss a realistic view of reality. Many people have a romantic worldview. Films and magazines propagate this romantic image as well. Words like ‘ life partner ‘, ‘ true love ‘ fit in this image. This romantic worldview allows you to have certain expectations of the other. If you are in love, you already have a wrong picture of the other, if you are going to project expectations it becomes a mess.

They also say that the only love that exists is the love that you give yourself.This is a good starting point. With some fall and error you can then learn to see the other as she is, with her good and evil qualities.

Yet giving love is not quite the right approach.The main person in your life is your self. You should not sacrifice for another. You have to love yourself and love yourself.

If you come across someone who enchants you in a couple of months, it is useful when you realise that she is not only a divine queen or an easy slave, but also a stupid trick and a common Kreng, because we are all more dimensional .By the way, what are your own shortcomings you have to learn to live with?

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