I have seen a brown rat in the back of the garden where there is also a ditch, do I have to take something to fight him or can I leave him alone? He seems to come from the garden of the neighbors.

[“Rats do not normally show themselves quickly. This was probably a divestment male or a sick rat. On average, some thirty rats will live around your ditch and as long as they do not cause any excavation damage, there is no need to fight. If you’re going to see more, you may have to deal with a pest. If you warn the municipality it will basically fall for the rats to turn off. But seeing one rat without any further inconvenience is normally not a reason for combating it.

“,” You don’t have to do anything at the moment.Rats sit everywhere, especially at water like ‘ n ditch, and are not bad as long as it doesn’t become a pest. I do not know when one speaks of a plague, but in the countryside you see them arranged. If you see one rat once, there is certainly no scourge.

If you are really worried you can see if neighbours have things in order.If they make d’r really ‘ n huge mess of what rats attracts I would turn on neighborhood mediation. There is undoubtedly an organization in your municipality that deploys neighbourhood mediation. These mediators can better assess what is going on and, if necessary, inform social workers of the situation. This could solve your problem in an approachable way.

I myself am not a fan of pesticides.I would rather look at ‘ N natural solution, like ‘ N Huiskat. Not a freak, because they are not very friendly for birds. What also helps is to keep the doors and windows closed in the winter. Rats seek warmth when it gets cold outside.
You can also put traps that do not kill the rat.I myself am a bit of a softie for critters, so I would suggest you buy such a trap:

If it really gets too bad, and you don’t want a cat, you’ll have to invent something.

‘ N rat infestation can cause illnesses. I have no understanding of pesticide, but there are probably better and worse choices, so some research on the kind of pesticide you want to put in is probably in place. You may want to turn on a specialist.

But before you go on the coarser stuff, just think very well if there really is a problem.Pesticides are not harmful to rats alone. And in all honesty, I would also find sin when such a cute beast goes out of the pipe because people react dramatically.

Rats outside are only a problem when rats get inside; Fighting rats outdoors is quite pointless.

The best thing to do is to make sure there is no food for them to find. Where food waste or animal feed is accessible, rats will settle and reproduce. The secret is no food for them to leave behind.

Buy a wind gun and kill him without pity.

Lay ne ratteval for his lair!

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