I have no motivation and passion for anything in life. What should I do?

Maybe take a life coach in the arm, to find out what you really want?

Lying on the ground and not moving.You will discover that over time there is something that motivates you to no longer stay. And see: You have taken the first step. Go after what motivates you to get up. And accept that you do have needs. And those needs, you do it for that. Work them out, those needs and go after what is needed to meet them. And there: a purpose.

Some people seem to have been born with their passion. Singers who knew they were on stage on their fifth.Writers who already started their oeuvre at primary school. Cyclists and footballers who were already busy with their sport were still able to read and write.

But that is not the case for most of us. We must actively seek our goal.And if we haven’t found that goal yet, the goal is just to find and develop that goal.

Some people â € “like one of my coachingcustomers this week â €” find it annoying that they haven’t found/developed their passion yet.But know that you are not alone and that it is not too late. Life is unfolding to each of us in a different way.

How do you find/develop your passion?

Not by waiting in the seat, but by action!

Also not by visualization alone. You can visualize that you have a beautiful garden.

But if you do not plant trees and sow flowers there will not be much of it. Visualization without action is like a car without gasoline.

Even if you have absolutely no idea of what it is you want, you still have to get out of your seat.It doesn’t matter where you start. If you walk in the wrong direction, you will realize that quickly. And if you’re on the right path, it won’t be long before you get a confirmation. For example, you will meet like-minded people or arrive at places or events where you would not otherwise end up.

Go beyond your fear

What you just read, can seem scary.But only that first step is scary.

Taking action is often associated with risk â €™ s, and that can make you fear.But: what is the worst that can happen? Someone says no to you when you wanted to hear a yes. Or you don’t enjoy what is occurring.

But compare that scenario with your life as it is now, with your passion forever hidden because you didn’t dare to take action.What is worse then?

Something else with fear is that which only remains until you have the courage to do that which you are afraidof.

Get in action and develop your passion!

What path do you choose in your life?Or don’t you choose?
What do you most regret in your career?The top 5.
What do I really want with my life now?

Same it all feels boring and it captivates me all no more.Are there any things that make you look great to do? A trip? Parachute jumping? That threesome with those two untie handsome guys or ladies or lady and gentleman I do not know what you like? What do you get merry from? Where does your heart beat faster? Gonna do that and if that can’t at the moment then you’ll be working after it.

Looking for something you find worthwhile then comes the motivation of yourself, ask yourself what you really like, I myself started writing a TV series of You Tube series (just about anything) because movies and series are a passion you can do anything with it , I find then.It starts with searching for what you want and of course can because a Picasso does not succeed in 1 day, or does.

Update.Because I understood it once again wrong though it comes on the same motivation and passion do not come by itself you will have to work on it! But self-knowledge is really important, who are you, what do you know, what do you want, and what the fuck are you doing in God’s name with your life! These are questions that motivate me. And passion sometimes comes naturally I often struggle with it but it is there…. I hope to have helped that is also a passion of mine, Hihi!

You need nothing.Only

Perhaps that is what we need: people who do not need to reach or prove something if necessary.Who just enjoy small things and take the life of every day as it is. Happiness is in a small box.

All You need Is Love

Just do life right by loving people and living and appreciating yourself: be it, but above all: encounter.Every word and small gesture that makes the world more beautiful for someone around you.


He has made you known, O Man (Ness), which is good and what the Lord asks of you: no other than to do justice and love faithfulness, and to walk humbly with your God. Micha 6:8

Are no one guilty any more than to love each other; for whoever loves the other has fulfilled the lawâ €™ (Rom.13:8


* Consider the opinions in other answers

* Stay busy with the things you inspire and like, whatever

* Give yourself space and time, sometimes passion comes naturally on your way

* Count the beautiful moments of every day, every success and encounter

* Stay true to true beliefs in love and wisdom

Also remember: a passion comes from your real self

A fire that burns and continues to burn and smolder.The difference between a profession and a vocation: you choose your own profession. A vocation chooses you! So dare to consider all the things that you seemed impossible but evoke your passion. You can’t force it or copy from others. And yes: Maybe it is ordinary and simple called the vocation, passion for modest life.


Answer from Cornelis Zandbergen on why do you change careers?

Don’t take it so heavily on

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First, try to be interhated in something you can be fascinated with.

If you are intereating, you will learn more and get better at it, just because it is not a task but a pleasure.

People who are in something good, whatever, are always interesant to others who also find this good but not as an expert in being like you.

This gives a meaning to your life, be good at something, be interesant and become interesting.

Enter politics. Super Easy Work if you have normal or above-Gemddeld IQ, and surely someone has to do it.Just debate and read documents and form an opinion. And everyone is working on it 24/7 so chances are that it captivates you. Just be no scammer or something, purely because it doesn’t excites you and you just want to earn it is no excuse not to do the right thing. That will ultimately make you re-elected and retain your job.

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