I have fallen in love with someone who does not have the same feelings for me. How do I proceed and find myself?

I have experienced the same situation with a colleague for 10 months.He also behaved like he was in love with me, but denied that permanently and said it was just friendship.

I knew I would be hurt by him, especially if I kept loving him.But I made a conscious choice to keep seeing him as long as the positive would continue to dominate.

He recently told me that he still wanted to have sex with me, but that he went out with someone else.And then I didn’t want him in my life anymore. He never realized how bad he hurt me.

Foolish old man.I deserved better than he wanted to give me. Now I am happy with my life, and do not have to worry more or continually experience heartbreaking in an unhealthy relationship.

I decided to choose myself.It is crucial to have a better self-image in order to avoid this type of situation in future. I banished him from my life, he begged me not to do that. I was just finished.

Unfortunately I have experienced that too and the feeling is terrible.

What made it even harder was that he gave a strong impression that he was also in love with me.I felt very loudly when he denied that. Could hardly believe it. A case of behavior and words do not match.

The only thing you can do and what is best for you is no longer seeing it and completely removing it from your contacts.He has to go out of your head and your heart and that needs time. It is also the only option, because love cannot force you and wait until perhaps one day he still falls in love with you, is foolishness.

And how sobering it may sound, infatuation are only chemical substances in your head that are activated.They remain active for a month or three on average, but longer if they are 芒 鈧?虄fed鈩? One more reason to stay out of his neighbourhood. In the end, the chemical plant will return to rest and you can resume your own life from a calm head and heart.

First of all, what an annoying situation.Even though this is not the answer you want to hear: Give it time, cry for a few weeks as much as you want and talk about it with the people who are familiar.

Try to get rid of Dior to express it, not to the one you have fallen in love with.You have to leave it alone so that you can also get peace.

A lot of people have been sitting in this situation once and everyone is different so there is not 1 appropriate advice.Maybe fit all the advices a bit, maybe no one fits. What has helped me very much is doing things I like and liked. I just cried and pathetic the first 3/4 weeks (WHAT is ALLOWED!!) and one day I dressed myself very nicely, made up, called girlfriends and I started doing fun things for a week. It will not help with processing the grief but it does make you forget your feelings.

Once you feel like you can do fine things again it is also important to take some rest.So you can still process your grief without constantly lingering in your grief. Try not to do anything at the resting moments or put on a meditation music and try some breathing exercises or yoga.

I hope this advice will help a bit and strength!

What the answers say.Banish from your head your heart your life. Often infatuation is a mix of the appearance an attraction (lust) and your own images in your mind how it should be with you. So basically only what you have is hope. Hope is particularly powerful in dark periods in our lives but can be miserable enemy if we are in love. What you should not do is to make a pronounced agreement with those you fall in love with that you are going to throw yourself in the hope of maintaining hope. You never lose because once in the pit is much harder to crawl out than if you leave the pit and walk away. It is also often a reaction, not to share the same feelings that will strengthen yours. May be the reason you feel so vulnerable. Is a lost power game and nobody wants to lose so you are going to struggle. To prove to yourself that you can fall in love with that other or to rest your own heart that you are worthy of. But someone who doesn’t see you as you wish is not worth it in general. The sooner you go with your life the quicker you are okay again. Don’t cherish thoughts because thoughts are nothing more than that. They live only in your own head. No one says that it would also be like the other shared your feelings. Start as soon as possible with the detaching of these ideal images. Focus more on yourself. Success and Strength!

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