I have complex trauma, my friend has dumped me. Is it normal to feel guilty?

Having a trauma has not been your choice.

Keeping a trauma though.

See the site of the EMDR Association, www. EMDR. en , and do anything about it.And then a new friend.

The question of whether it is normal to feel guilty Yeah, that’s quite normal.People now tend to play a lot of ‘ what-if ‘ scenarios in their heads when something is going on in their lives. ‘ What if I didn’t do this now, but that had done or said ‘.

Reality is that this does not change the situation as it is. However, it is very human to react so, and therefore very normal that people feelguilty.

This is not the same as debt.And I cannot answer that question, because I do not know anything about your specific situation.

‘ Guilt ‘ is a dead normal human reaction.Don’t let it suffocate your life.

I don’t think you really have to feel guilty about that.You can also view it from the other side, from his shoes. Life with depression or psychological disorder is not only difficult for you but also for the people directly and in-directly around you.

Some people can cope better with it than others, and some want to do more than others.For him it can also be very tiring to live with someone with a trauma and it can take a lot of someone. You can compare it to someone who lives in a wheelchair and the extra care that that entails.

It is best to try to understand them.In this way, you will think I am too much less negative about It, It just wasn’t meant to be.

Much strength.There are plenty of other fish in the sea:-).

I just assume that you already had that condition before you got a relationship.Then that will be just the reason to dump you just like your height or the color of your eyes.

He dumped you because HE couldn’t cope with that condition.He thought so, he couldn’t. Not your mistake.

You have to be in therapy and you do not have to feel guilty at all.

During the rise of your trauma, you were told that what you were dealing with was only done to you because you had provoked it.Your friend dumps you and says he dumps you because of your trauma, then it is normal for that guilt to come back above.

If you get close with someone and you leave that wall pockets and tell it, it is up to them to decide to follow along with you the path of recovery or not (a friend of mine is literally going to walk and said “too much emotional baggage” , and I thought to myself “I’m not even started”).

Hopefully you’ll stay on the road of recovery. Strength.

You don’t have to feel guilty about this!

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