I have been living in America for 6 years now and am planning to come back to the Netherlands with 2-3 years. What changes will I notice?

When I returned to the Netherlands after many years abroad (Austria, Switzerland, USA) I thought I’d get back to work quickly, especially with the huge backpack of experience.

However, I did not have a network in the Netherlands and many companies did not know how to place my experience abroad.

I am afraid that I was a threat to many managers.Technical background, leadership experience, speaks its languages, can cope well with different cultures and has a clear vision of respectful leadership. Via Detours eventually as an independent consultant mainly in Germany en route.

After returning, it was certainly not an easy year because it seemed as if I could not show my experience abroad.You’re just a Dutchman? Just do it. We do that too.

Nowadays I would build/maintain my network well before returning and investigate whether I can already accept a job before the shipping container is filled with the furniture.Once in the Netherlands via BV Meetup in contact with BV expats and internationals. You can still have so much experience, without a network and the goodwill of others it is a difficult struggle.


2019芒 鈧?”03芒 鈧? 21: Recently a bankrupt company in Solingen (D) bought together with my German Partner and thus saved 24 employees (and families) of an unmaneuverable suffering unemployment.The 芒 鈧?艙respectfully dealing with the coworker has already given a great boost to the employees. That you really have to send home in time otherwise they continue to work, so motivated are they!

I left in 2007 from the Netherlands and temporarily returned to 2015.

One difference I noticed was increasing housing scarcity.You will probably want to buy it anyway so you may not be bothered by it right now. Of course in Amsterdam and Utrecht it plays much longer, but in Almere, for example, you used to get to the bucket quite quickly and that is no longer easy.

Another difference is increasing political radicalisation and populism.

A third is decreasing age discrimination and less WAO-芒 鈧?艙unapprovals “.Many sectors have a shortage of labour and can no longer afford to exclude anyone above the 45 or have ever had back pain.

A fourth is more supply of organic food.But in other areas, attention to the environment seems to have decreased.

The black Pieten discussion is in full swing

I have been living in Canada for 24 years and I wonder the same.

In The Netherlands (I come to visit occasionally) I hear on TV never more generally civilized Dutch.I see rules everywhere. It is green but cloudy. Everything is forbidden, “unless”. The gasoline costs double. Everything is double.

Could I ever get used to it?

We do not know how the Netherlands looks in 3 years.The smarest is to follow the Dutch newspapers and TV programmes occasionally.

Good luck!

Deterioration of norms and values.Strange lifestyle of young generation. More crime and a kind of sense of freedom to do the most arest things, because there is no radical action. Although you will find radicalisation in politics. You also find less real democracy in this. The two main parties determine with the form of coalitions how the structure of the Dutch government will look. Not the Stemmer. The Netherlands even more bureaucracy and this will be very well noticed. The housing market has changed and this may be important to keep you busy. The Netherlands and the police are increasingly politically-working correctly. With us, the police have a tolerance policy to prevent escalation. That is to say, it is a certain kind of young people who cause problems here (you know who I mean) and because they have so many sch * * t to the police, adequate action usually ends in physical contact between police and these young people. Tolerance policy. They can now do and leave what they want and come up with a ‘ foei, that shouldn’t ‘ from.

This brand is becoming more and more in the Netherlands.No adequate action. Not tackle sensitive problems.

Retirement will be postponed, taxes on everything going up, care costs rise, fees are reduced.

The labour market (and residential areas) are flooded with cheap foreign workers and a young age with papers and diplomas is many times important than experience.

Oh Jah, if you put yourself on the internet you will be wored by the youth and you may call yourself an ‘ influencer ‘ and these are unimaginable much followed.There are also some foolish people who may have to say about the way things are doing in the Netherlands and sometimes they know how to cause unnecessary unrest. Because then is the Netherlands suddenly a democracy.

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