I have 4600 euros. How can I make it the fastest one million?

Wait for a crisis, and buy after three months in the NOS news to have seen how bad it goes with the economy with that money an Index on the stock market.For example AEX, Nasdaq or NYSI

You can never get from 4600 to 1 million very quickly without risk (except by criminal activities)

If you can miss that 4600 without hitting problems, you can do like I do:

Invest on the stock market in penny stocks AND solid stocks.Invest 2400 euros in decent shares that do not really move much up/down on the stock market and cross the 2600 other euro in penny stocks (shares under 1 euro BV) that do go up/down heavily on the stock exchange. You buy the penny stocks once they are low and you sell them all they stand higher (this can sometimes be in 1 day). Of course you use a program that does this automatically (e.g. Bolero). I have converted 5000 euros to 16000 since last summer. Obviously no million, but a nice profit (just over 11000 in 10 months)

An example: Share Econocom bought at 2.60 (2000 pieces), sold to 3.89 (2000 pieces), bought again at 3.01 (2000 pieces) and sold to 3.40 (2000 pieces), while ago again bought to 3.10 (2000 pieces) and now wait until they go to 3.50.The profits I make, I invest in real penny stocks, like the NL company Pharming, that I bought around 0.65 per share (not a really good choice, but it is with free money…). I still have at least 6600 euros from my original 5000 euro (those are 2000 shares of Econocom). And all winnings are scattered across real Penny stocks, which I buy low and again higher sales (which is daily and is automatic).

EDIT on 25/07/2019: and now all these small particles of Pharming are going out, because they suddenly stand at 0.94 today!For every 0.65 euro I put into it, I get 0.94 back: 0.29 Euro profit. Maybe it’s still rising, who knows! But I step out and take my bits of profit (2900 euros, because I had bought 10000 there) and put it back somewhere else in:) From my original 5000 euro I still have 6100, because that share Econocom has dropped. But from all my winnings, I now have more than 18000 extra money to invest! /EDIT OFF

Of course you have to hedge against losses.And you need to get information about the companies you invest in. But it is an easy and fairly harmless way to earn a little without having to do anything.

PS: I obviously don’t have all my transactions data… it’s not a trade show page here:) (and sometimes 6 transaction’s happen on 1 day, with small gains of 50芒 鈧?”100 euros)

You’re wondering how you can make the fastest one million with 芒 ‘ 卢 4600.The biggest chance of success is of course investing.

There are several ways to invest this amount (not all wise):

1.Invest in trade

You can invest the amount in products and then sell it again for more.This way you start your own trade.

Reinvest all your winnings to eventually achieve higher margins and accelerate the process to a million.


Put money aside to save.

This is the worst idea, because the current interest rate is very low, so it takes a long time for this amount to change to 1 million.


You can invest it in stocks.Here, too, is pretty much the same as number 2. It’s going to take a while if your return with 5芒 鈧?”7% grows annually.

A quicker way is to go 芒 鈧?虄daytraden芒 鈧劉.There is a higher risk associated with this, but the gains will also be higher and the attainment of your final goal as well.

To do this without any knowledge, is not sensible.

4.Invest in Yourself

The best way in my eyes is to invest in yourself.


If you invest in yourself, the money is never lost.Knowledge cannot fall into value, no one can take it off of you.

For example, invest the amount in education about wisely dealing with money or learning a skill (skill) where there is a lot of demand and a lot of value.

As for education, you can already invest in this by simply buying a book on how the 芒 鈧?虄rijken芒 鈧劉 deal with their money (see for example 芒 鈧?虄Rich Dad, Poor dad芒 鈧劉), or read blogs and watch Youtubevideo芒 鈧劉 s of millionaires.

After all, they are persons who have already earned a million and know what steps they have taken to achieve this.

As for learning a skill, most 芒 鈧?虄self-Made芒 鈧劉 millionaires can be something very good.

They have a certain skill that is very popular.

Let’s say that a number of people are looking for the very good suits with a special design.E脙 漏 N Tailor has this skill.

Potential buyers are willing to lay down 芒 ‘ 卢 20,000 euros in order to carry a unique suit.This price can also ask the tailor because there is demand and he is the only one who can make this.

50 customers and he has earned one million.

Suppose this tailor goes bankrupt for whatever reason, he can quite simply earn this million again because he still has all the knowledge to make the suit.

This is of course an example, but if you invest yourself by learning a certain skill that is much in demand and you master it excellently, you will see that earning a million is easier than imagined.

How do you invest in yourself?

By buying certain books about personal growth, financial education etc.

But also think about buying courses to learn these attractive skills.

In addition, what do you think of seminars?This can also be very valuable.

How do you start investing in yourself?

To begin with, awareness is important, then you could read articles on blogs and watch Youtubevideo芒 鈧劉 s to learn more about a particular skill.

These are all free options.

Then, if you know something more of the matter, you can start buying (online) courses and attending seminars.

This not only enhances your knowledge, but also meets like-minded people.The adage is: it is easier to earn a million together than alone.

Good luck.

Hopefully you have some!If you want to learn more about digital marketing, mindset and entrepreneurship, check out my website: giorgiofae.nl

One million I do not know, but if you change them to coins of 1ct, you have at once 460,000.So almost half.

If you earn 540 days with intraday trading on the stock Exchange 1% per day, you are there. Will cost you about two years.

The risk is, of course, that you lose everything.

Buy Bitcoin;-).With 4600 euro You can currently buy half a. Within a few years your investment is worth 200,000 euro. Faster and better you won’t get to your million!

There is only 1 way.Buy State lottery tickets. With all other ways you don’t get that in your life. Chances are very small that it succeeds.

So: buy a fishing rod and go fishing.Is a much better investment and is more enjoyable.

Huuh, fast Money does not exist.. And the financial markets are a speculative turning wheel..

Save 40%

Throw 30% in training certificates and courses (self-development) so you develop passive income skills.For example, buy courses on Udemy and books on Amazon.

Try to sell a product with 20% (own company)

Invest 10% in a Dividend index fund

This is a safe strategy that covers everything: 1 You save safe for financial setbacks and you OUWDE Day 2 you develop new skills where you will make more money with 3 you take small risks 4 compound interest.

Safe investments do not exist.Anyone who says something else is either not knowledgeable, or tries to cheat you. Some of the answers are downright misleading and the chances of you ending up with nothing are greater than the chance of success.

The best and safest opportunity (according to me) to get rich is a combination of two things.

  1. Get your income as high as possible.

This means hard work. Maybe in a job that you do not like but who pays well. And probably invest a lot of time. Study next to your job to get a job that pays better or just to become the best of your colleagues and therefore more likely to be promoted. Make overtime. If you have your own company or if you work as a self-employed (both not without risk) then many hours work. If you’re an employee in a job where you can’t make overtime, look for a second job next to it.

  • Make your expenses as low as possible.
  • Do you need a car at all? If you really can’t do without it, buy a cheap small car (pay attention not only on purchase price but also on consumption, insurance, road tax, and maintenance). How luxurious do you live now? Can fix cheaper! Buy clothes and furniture in second hand shops and not new. What are your hobbies? Are you going to the pub, to the theatre, but sports competitions? Are you a club member? Are you paying for Netflix, HBO, etc? Just count on how much you can save every month if you do nothing more fun. Also take a look at what you eat. Go cooking yourself anyway: takeaway/delivery, restaurants, meal packages, and microwave meals always cost more. Do not buy and cook what you like, but see what nutrients are needed and then buy the (at that time) cheapest ingredients. Do not use home delivery service unless you can work in the saved time for an hourly wage higher than the delivery cost.

    If you spend less every month than you get then you will become richer and ultimately millionaires.If you have a net income of 1500 and expenditure of 1200 then that is more 300 per month and costs more than 250 years (if you start with nothing). But if you get your income to 2000 and you spend only 800, then you save 1200 per month and you still need “but” 70 years. With an income of 3000 and expenditure of 500 it succeeds already within 40 years.

    I’m guessing that you’re not happy with this answer.Indeed, most people who wonder how they can become millionaires want something different in the real thing. Their goal is not to be millionaires but to be millionaire .(And then a life suffering that they don’t stay long).But here is the bad news, anyone who is filmy Rich has either worked squat or had a lot of luck (often in conjunction with hard work), or wealthy parents/large inheritance (which in fact is also a form of happiness).

    Become rich without hard work or happiness does not exist because otherwise everyone would do it.People who want this are the easiest victims for scammers.

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